PureCare One: Revolutionary Comfort and Support Pillow

One_MemoryFoam_Pillow_LogoPureCare is coming to the Winter Las Vegas Market with a revolutionary, patented pillow collection. The collection, PureCare One, includes six models, each composed of three pieces: two Dual Silhouette Supports and a Soul Center. These unique contouring components work in harmony with the curvatures of the head, neck and spine.

The original three-piece pillow design was invented by Tanya Hawkins. Struggling to get a good night’s sleep and unable to find the right pillow to fit her needs, Hawkins designed her own, with supportive foam on the sides and soft middle sleep surface made from memory foam. “I tried every pillow on the market,” she explains. “I wanted both sufficient neck support and comfort, and I could not find both in any one pillow I purchased. So I created my own pillow concept, testing over 50 prototypes before I brought the design to retailers at the Las Vegas Market.” The response to her prototypes were so positive, she knew she had to find a way to market it to a larger audience. “If it could help me sleep,” she explained, “I wanted to help others sleep better too.” After meeting with potential licensees at market, Hawkins eventually teamed up with PureCare. A choice, she says, that was obvious. “It really feels like a partnership,” she explains. “It was clear that they understood my original vision.”

President and Chief Operating Officer Jeff Bergman was the first PureCare team member to see the concept. “I recognized that the design of the pillow was completely unique and knew immediately that her product could be successfully developed for PureCare.” PureCare was looking for an opportunity to introduce customization into its product line-up, and Hawkins’ design seemed like the perfect fit. “PureCare strives to redefine comfort and health with every product we offer,” Chief Marketing Officer Sean Bergman explains. “I knew that once this unique three-piece pillow system was combined with the health and wellness features that PureCare offers, we could provide our retailers with a brand new pillow that would carve out its own niche within the pillow segment.”

Working closely with Hawkins, PureCare updated the pillow concept to fit within the brand and in a retail setting. The result is a limited number of customizable options: three different lines—the memory foam Cradle, the latex Caress and the gel-wrapped memory foam Cool—each with two different height options for a total of six different pillows available.

Each PureCare One pillow offers a 4” or 5” Silhouette Support option. These Dual Silhouette Supports are made of latex, memory foam or gel wrapped memory foam, providing a unique blend of comfort and support for all sleep positions. The soft Soul Center of the pillow features Identically Down, PureCare’s exclusive designer down alternative which provides the comfort of down without the drawbacks of down allergens. It works to continually conform to the curvatures of each Silhouette Support for uninterrupted comfort. The patented three-piece system is designed to promote a free flow of air to provide a cooler night’s sleep and prevent moisture from being trapped inside. Like all of PureCare’s products, PureCare One is made from high quality materials that protect from allergens, dust mites, bedbugs, and bacteria. The pillow covers are treated with silver ions, which locate and deactivate bacteria, suppress the reproduction of dust mites and other allergens, and virtually eliminate odors. “Never before has a pillow collection dared to defy convention quite like the PureCare One,” says Bergman.

PureCare One’s strategic marketing campaign has been designed to appeal to both consumers and retailers and emphasizes the importance of trying it out before buying. “Pillows are a very personalized preference that depends on a multitude of different factors in addition to sleep position, including body type, mattress model, and sleep habits,” Bergman explains. As a result, PureCare has not designated any of the models within this collection to specific sleep positions. Each one is designed to move with the sleeper to cradle and soothe the resting body—regardless of whether they sleep on their back, stomach, or side. It allows the retailer to reach a wider range of consumers. “Pillows have evolved,” Bergman continues, “and we are bringing this revolutionary concept to Las Vegas Market. In short, you’ve GOT to try One.”

Fabrictech International Embraces PureCare Era

Effective January 1st, Fabrictech International has rebranded by taking the name of one of its most successful collections—PureCare. With this transition the PureCare has also expanded its focus from offering mattress and pillow protection to offering a complete collection of healthy sleep essentials.

“PureCare really represents who we have become,” chief marketing officer Sean Bergman explains. “We have evolved from a technological mattress and pillow protection company to a consumer focused brand providing essential products for a healthier and cleaner sleep environment.”

Over the past two years, PureCare has methodically begun implementing its rebranding process from Fabrictech to PureCare.

“Under the PureCare brand, consumers and retail partners can expect a steady advance in the creation and marketing of products that will enhance a healthier, cleaner and more comfortable sleep experience,” states Bergman. “With PureCare as our platform we can make a strong statement to consumers: Let us help you to create a haven of comfort and health in your sleep environment.”

Visit www.purecare.com.