PureCare Offers Advanced, Fully Integrated Top-of-Bed Collections

PureCare has redefined health and wellness in the top-of-bed category over the past decade, fusing innovative products with enhanced technical textiles to develop a full range of superior top-of-bed solutions. The company’s premium sheets, patented pillows and clinically-proven mattress and pillow protector collections are designed to work together to enhance the sleep environment for health-conscious consumers and allergy sufferers alike.

“It’s time to stop thinking of protectors, pillows and sheets as individual items,” said PureCare President and COO Jeff Bergman. “PureCare’s fully integrated collection of top-of-bed solutions work together to enhance the wellness and comfort of the sleeper with technical textile-inspired fabrics and wellness benefits. By creating intelligent product designs, we provide our retailers a collection that offers unique benefits throughout different layers of the sleep environment, making it easier for retailers to attach more products in additional categories while boosting revenue and profits. The best part is that retailers are truly helping their customers move toward a cleaner, healthier, more customized rest.”

PureCare’s exclusive Frio rapid chill cooling fibers are just one example of the innovation the company offers across the full spectrum of top-of-bed products. The newest addition to their line of cooling products is the reversible SUB-0° SoftCell Chill pillow which debuts at the Winter Las Vegas Market. A hybrid of technical textiles and premium fills, the SoftCell Chill pillow features a cool-to-the-touch cover, blending PureCare’s exclusive FRíO cooling fibers and ultra plush Tencel threads. The pillow’s unique construction features 12 individual pockets filled with PureCare’s exclusive designer, anti-allergen down alternative, Identically Down (i.d.). On the other side, the SUB-0° pillow offers the cooling support and pressure relief of cool gel and premium temperature neutral memory foam.

“Our goal is to offer our retail dealers an unparalleled collection of products that allow consumers to mix and match different technologies and wellness benefits in order to create their ideal blend of protection and comfort,” said Bergman. “By offering specific benefits across pillows, protectors and sheets, we’re helping our retailers create a compelling collection story that increases attachments rates and boosts the bottom line, while triggering multiple consumer touch points.”

PureCare is also revealing its newly revised displays at the winter market, designed to enhance the look, feel and product presentation in the retail environment.

“We’re improving the story-telling process of the products while encouraging participation and demonstration through tactile interactions. These types of brand impressions are incredibly valuable in the retail environment, and are an important part of our retail strategy,” explained Sean Bergman, Chief Marketing Officer at PureCare. “Our retail partners deserve the best-of-the-best in their store environments when conveying the benefits of our comfortable, premium, health and wellness products. Ultimately we are creating a brand that retailers and customers trust and love, and that starts with the presentation.”

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