PureCare Introduces Weighted Wellness With Zensory

Providing specialty retailers with one of the fastest growing sleep accessories in the market today, PureCare is launching a new collection of weighted blankets. The three-tiered line known as Zensory includes two adult weighted blankets in 15lb and 20lb choices, and three optional duvet covers in fashionable colors that feature reversible velvety fleece and soft Tencel Lyocell designs. Additionally, the brand is offering an alternative for its PureCare Kid’s line, which is seven pounds in weight and includes a reversible duvet cover in soft Minky fleece and Tencel.

“Weighted blankets are one of the top selling sleep accessory categories,” stated CMO, Sean Bergman. “Our new Zensory collection is strategically designed to deliver on today’s increasing consumer trends towards naturally healthier sleep solutions and to provide specialty retailers a program that is competitive over the mass market designs of the product.”

Termed “Deep Touch Pressure” by sleep science, the sensations delivered by weighted blankets are linked with numerous wellness benefits including improved sleep. Zensory offers an immediate calming effect with a balanced pressure that helps naturally alleviate anxiety and stress. The all-over contoured compression gently stimulates and soothes pressure points throughout the body. With continued use, the even-weighted pressure eases natural impulses to fidget, toss and turn.

“As with everything we develop, we looked for ways to fuse wellness with the best quality, construction, and materials available,” noted PureCare’s President, Jeff Bergman. “These decisions are made down to the final detail, like the premium hypoallergenic glass bead fill we chose that helps prevent buildup of moisture and allergen irritants.”

Featuring a seven-layer fabrication and smaller, four-inch pockets to ensure even weight distribution and minimal noise, Zensory’s many construction features and benefits put the collection ahead of the curve. The removable duvets are fully washable and feature a color-match tie allowing customers to easily reconnect their duvet to their weighted blanket. As with all PureCare products, the new line is treated with Antimicrobial Silver Product Protection.

“The ‘weighted for wellness’ benefits of this collection are an ideal match for the comfort and wellness focus that PureCare continues to redefine and deliver to our retailers,“ said Sean Bergman, “and no one does comfort and wellness like PureCare.”

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