PureCare Expands Elements Collection To Offer New Premium Cooling Option

PureCare is expanding its technical textile-focused Elements sheet collection with the launch of Glacies “of the ice” premium sheet line at the Summer Las Vegas Market. Featuring a blend of mineral-based FRIO Rapid Cooling Fibers and plush Tencel, Glacies offers consumers a luxury responsive textile that is more absorbent than cotton, softer than silk and cools five times faster than traditional polyester.

“Our new Glacies sheet collection featuring Frio cooling fibers represents a breakthrough in innovation and product development,” said Jeff Bergman, President and COO at PureCare. “Consumers are looking for products that keep them cool all night and sustain that cooling effect for the lifetime of the product. With Glacies, we have delivered on that request and designed a product that feels spectacular, fits perfectly and cools you all night long with our technical textile, Frio fibers.”

The new Glacies line fits seamlessly into PureCare’s Elements premium sheet collection, which the company says is off to an extraordinary start—citing almost $500,000 in sales in the line’s first 60 days. The existing line-up also includes Seacell/Halio “of the sea”, Celliant/Lumen “of the light” and Bamboo/Terrene “of the earth”. Each line is made with extra attention to detail that makes quality sheets inviting, offering lush fabrics, a superior fit and advanced materials to enhance personal comfort and wellness.

The Glacies sheet line continues to embrace the “Feel, Fit and Finish” story offered by the Elements sheet ensemble. The “Fit” features a pocketed precision-fit corner and elastic cuff on the fitted sheet providing a crisp and steady fit for the sleep surface.

Each pillowcase features a deep pillow pocket, ensuring that the pillow won’t shift from the case throughout the night. The “Feel” is derived from Micarex cooling fibers that are blended with Tencel and woven into a luxurious sateen finish producing a lush fabric with a lavish feel. The “Finish” is achieved by the addition of PureCare’s Antibacterial Silver ion treatment, which locates and deactivates bacteria on contact. The Glacies line is available in four signature colors: light blue, white, ivory and dove gray.

With unique and attractive packaging and an inviting three-dimensional point of purchase support program for retail stores, PureCare provides retailers with an easy point of purchase tool for retailers to sell the Elements sheet collection. Retail stores offering the PureCare Elements collection are able to display the sheets with a dynamic open, three-dimensional and customizable display. Each cylindrical Elements package features a built-in product swatch so the consumer can see and feel the material of the sheet set. These open island display units offer an eye-catching and inviting environment for consumers to easily touch, feel and examine the product in-store.

“The power of PureCare’s health and wellness products is that we provide our consumers the opportunity to customize their sleep environments with technical textiles that fit their specific needs,” explained Sean Bergman, PureCare’s CMO. “The addition of Glacies expands our FRíO cooling story from protectors into our successful Elements premium sheets collection, providing our retailers with multiple touch points for the cooling story sale.”

For more information, please visit purecare.com.