PureCare Delivers Retail Success Through Collaboration

This past year was a trying time for many companies in the bedding and furniture industry. As financial uncertainty and retail consolidation continues to affect sales nationwide, more furniture and mattress specialty retailers are recognizing the value of the top-of-bed segment. Top-of-bed, or accessories, lines serve retailers as a key to increased average tickets and overall profitability. PureCare continues to stand out in this competitive category by offering a team-driven, mission-directed approach to helping retailers grow their attachment rates.

Since it first opened its doors, PureCare has boasted a clear vision that not only emphasizes technological superiority but promotes a true health, wellness and comfort story behind each top-of-bed product as well.

“From the very beginning, our protectors were about more than simply protecting the mattress,” said PureCare CEO Arnold Hershbain. “Our products were never just commodities. We worked with the largest supplier of allergen products to the medical industry at the time to guarantee that our protectors were doing what they said they would do: protecting people from allergens, dust mites and bed bugs.”

While this proven commitment to health and wellness continues to be an essential part of PureCare’s success, so too is its collaborative company culture. When it comes to developing new products, PureCare is focused on introducing true innovation that will deliver real results at retail.

“A customer of PureCare receives an automatic promise that we are going to work with them in every possible way to make their endeavors successful.”

Jeff Bergman, PureCare President and COO

“But beyond that," Bergman continued, "we ensure that their product collections remain ahead of the curve. We are constantly driven to develop unique new products, better sales processes and a constantly evolving brand, and that promise continues to our operational service as well.”

Over the years, PureCare has found that working closely with its retail partners yields some serious results. As such, each PureCare program is custom built based on a collaborative planning effort that is designed to drive sales at retail.

“As a company, we never worked harder or smarter than we did in 2016,” explained Sean Bergman, PureCare Marketing Chief. “Our key to success this year, and every year, has been that we have shown retailers that PureCare is a fantastic company to partner with. If a retailer is willing to collaborate with us: analyze their soft goods sales, evaluate a custom program fit for that specific retailer and their culture, and then, partner together to rebuild a custom sales process that delivers success—then we are your company.”

This level of engagement can be seen at each step of PureCare’s process—from the first sales call to ongoing operations and customer service—and throughout all levels and departments of the company. With a fully integrated team, every person is working together to achieve excellence.

“We have a tremendously talented and experienced team that allows for deep and effective collaboration with our retailers. We don’t believe in a silver bullet. We sit down, learn about our retailers, create a robust plan to grow category sales together and then execute it together. The more a retailer is part of that process, the more successful the program will be.”

Sean Bergman, PureCare Marketing Chief

Slumberland Furniture is a prime example of how this process works. Earlier this year, the well-known Midwestern retailer signed on to work with PureCare to develop a sheet program. But before the two companies set out to create a sales plan, Slumberland put PureCare through extensive vendor testing.

“We put them through the wringer,” explained Bill Fedor, Merchandising Senior Strategist at Slumberland. “We looked at comparisons of attachment rates, margins, RSA participation levels, quality of the point of purchase materials, quality of training and the efficiency of distribution.”

From Sean Bergman’s perspective, this vetting process was “top notch. They focus on their desired results, develop meaningful targets, listen to inside and outside experts and collaborate closely with their vendors to measure and adopt successful programs.” After “earning the right to have [Slumberland’s] sheet business,” PureCare set out to gain a full understanding of the retailer’s sales structure and strategy.

“We have a truly unique management team approach to working with our retail customers,” explained Ralph Rosen, PureCare’s Vice President of Business Development. “We do not say, ‘here just buy these products.’ We go way beyond that. We measure their metrics, learn about their culture, how they sell in store, how their RSA’s are trained. We come to understand what will work for that retailer, then bring them unique products that are ahead of the curve.”

Slumberland’s business structure included a number of sales people, all of whom sell a broad and diverse line of home furnishing products. Fedor emphasized that “the sheet program could not be complex or difficult for our RSA’s. They had to keep it simple and very focused.”

With that in mind, PureCare began to develop a retail sales program that would be successful within Slumberland’s unique retail environment. The company’s marketing and sales teams worked together developing in-store materials and sales training initiatives that were geared towards the stores’ specific structure.

“We love the PureCare brand, but it really is the retailer’s brand: their reputation, their store. Everything we do, from the marketing message to design to packaging to literature to point of purchase materials, all of it is to help our retailer succeed in their store.”

Sarah Bergman, Pure Care Vice President of Marketing & Creative

Using this cross-departmental approach, PureCare created a customized Beta Site Test Program that offered an assortment of PureCare Elements sheets with the company’s ‘Fit, Feel and Finish’ messaging. By organizing the products under a simple message, PureCare created a clear and focused program that could be easily integrated and successfully implemented in the Slumberland retail environment. Once installed, PureCare then monitored the program to check for opportunities to adjust as necessary.

The Slumberland Beta Site test program recently came to its conclusion—and the retailer has already signed on to officially expand it to all of its stores. In the next few months, Slumberland will launch its PureCare Elements program in 128 stores in 14 different states.

“We definitely have an amazing chemistry within our company right now and it is translating into everything we do, from our new products to our new packaging designs and even with our new customers,” Sean Bergman concluded. “We were really put to the test in so many different areas. But by tapping into our ‘culture of collaboration,’ we’ve delivered a different kind of partnership with our retailers, a service that truly sets PureCare apart.”

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