PureCare Continues to Push the Boundaries of Personalized Sleep Health and Wellness

Dedicated to the idea of sleep health and wellness, PureCare has been at the fore-front of innovative and revolutionary technology that continually reshapes the very concept of bedding fundamentals. While the company is preparing to launch their highly anticipated wellness-focused PureCare Elements sheet line at the Winter Las Vegas Market, the theme of healthier sleep can be found throughout their entire product collection. From high-quality anti- allergen protectors to cutting-edge performance fibers, PureCare offers not just accessories, but rather, sleep essentials, providing a comprehensive collection of products specially designed to promote healthier, more comfortable sleep.

All of PureCare’s products offer a variety of protection benefits. Among the most prevalent are antibactierial silver ions; antiallergen, dust mite, bed bug, mold and mildew proof OmniGuard Advance fabric; MiteTight sealed seems; locking zippers and waterproof barriers.

In addition to its starting PureCare Protector line, which features all of the above- mentioned benefits, PureCare has developed several additional specialty protector collections that meet the needs of specific types of sleepers. The FRíO line of mattress and pillow protectors employ a combination of nano-technology, nylon and mica minerals to create Rapid Chill Cooling Fibers that are then woven together with OmniGuard Advance fabric. These performance fibers disperse body heat from the protector’s surface five times faster than that of regular polyester, resulting in a refreshingly cool sleeping surface that also protects against allergens, dust mites, bed bugs, mold and mildew.

Sporting the tagline “Reduce Pain. Heal Faster. Sleep Better,” PureCare’s Celliant collection features another unique performance fiber. Comprised of a proprietary blend of minerals that are ground into ultra-fine particles and mixed with liquid polyester, Celliant fibers are woven into a 50/50 blend with PureCare’s OmniGuard Advance fabric to create an innovative, responsive textile. By absorbing energy from the body and recycling it back into the skin and deep muscle tissue, body temperature balances and oxygen levels and circulation increases, promoting faster healing, minor pain reduction and better quality sleep. Celliant products work equally well through any type of covering, including multiple layers of sheeting or clothing, as well as laminated, synthetic or waterproof fabrics.

The sweet-smelling Aromatherapy collection merges PureCare’s trademark protection barriers with the relaxing benefits of five distinctive, natural scents (lavender, mandarin, sandalwood, jasmine or eucalyptus). Each mattress or pillow protector has a unique pocket that fits a PureCare Aromatherapy sachet. Lasting for up to three months, Aromatherapy sachets have the added benefit of continuing the conversation of sleep health and wellness by encouraging customers to return to retail stores for replacement.

In addition to an impressively robust roster of pillows constructed from a variety of materials such as memory foam, Talalay latex and PureCare’s exclusive designer down alternative Identically Down (I.D.), PureCare has garnered significant industry attention from its patented PureCare One pillow collection. In line with PureCare’s emphasis on servicing a wide array of sleepers, this collection encompasses three different models, each available in a 4” low profile or 5” high profile: the memory foam Cradle, the latex Caress and the gel- wrapped memory foam Cool. Marketed as “Three pieces. One Dream,” PureCare One pillows are composed of three elements— dual Silhouette Supports and a Soul Center filled with PureCare’s I.D.—the One is designed to support the natural curves of the head, neck and spine, moving with the body regardless of sleeping position. The patented three-piece interior allows for superior airflow, providing a cooler sleep surface than traditional pillows.

Providing multiple programs that easily work in concert with one another, PureCare has developed a truly versatile line-up that allows consumers to pick and choose, tailoring a sleep system that addresses each individual’s specific needs and wants. By combining superior technology, innovation and the highest quality materials, PureCare delivers an enhanced sleep experience that pampers as well as it protects.

For more information, visit: purecare.com