PureCare Completes Top-Of-Bed Collection With New Duvet Line

PureCare is further expanding its selection of premium bedding with the recent launch of its first duvet collection. With this latest release, the brand rounds out a complete top-of-bed collection of wellness-focused sleep essentials that includes sheets, pillows, protectors, weighted blankets and now duvets. 

PureCare_Duvet Collection on mattress in bedroomThe new duvet collection includes light and medium weight duvet inserts, duvet covers and decorative pillow sham sets in trend-worthy color combinations from earthy clay tones to deep midnight blue hues. Each layer of the collection is designed with the same responsive fabrics used in PureCare’s best-selling Elements sheet line, providing retailers the opportunity to sell the perfectly paired sister lines as a complete top-of-bed collection. Aimed at giving retailers the competitive edge, the new line is available in PureCare’s exclusive TENCEL Lyocell/FRíO cooling fabric blend, silky-soft Modal and cozy Bamboo. 

“Retailers who sell ‘me-too’ bedding are competing directly with the robust collections available from established e-comm giants,” said Sarah Bergman, vice president of marketing and product development for PureCare. “It is essential that our retail partners have unique product stories to tell, and that starts with their ability to offer their customers benefits beyond comfort alone,” she said. 

PureCare Also Showcases New Pure Silk Pillowcases

PureCare Silk PillowcasesIn addition to the new duvets, PureCare also added beauty benefits to its wellness-focused collections with the new Pure Silk pillowcase line made of 100% Mulberry silk. Premium 22 momme, A6-rated silk, like that used in these new pillowcases, has been shown in studies to provide a friction-free sleep surface that tames frizzy hair and is gentle on delicate skin around eyes and mouth—areas prone to creases and wrinkles. And because silk absorbs less moisture than other natural fibers, it naturally revives hair and skin by helping to retain hydration throughout the night. 

“Silk is the must-have product of the year, and a simple indulgence like a luxurious pillowcase plays into the current consumer demand for easy, at-home self-care products,” said Bergman. 

Every Pure Silk pillowcase comes with a complimentary mesh wash bag, tying into PureCare’s mission to provide cleaner, more restorative sleep solutions to every sleeper. PureCare’s new duvet collection and Pure Silk pillowcases will be available for retail this spring. 

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