Pure LatexBLISS Introduces World’s Best Adjustable Foundation

Pure LatexBLISS™ has announced its foray into the adjustable bed base market with the introduction of its Pure LatexBLISS World’s Best Adjustable™ foundation. Debuting at High Point Market, the new base is the first in the industry to feature latex in it, in this case a four-inch layer of Talalay Latex.

Quickly establishing itself as a leader in the latex bedding category, Pure LatexBLISS is once again utilizing the muscle-relaxing, tension-relieving effects of the Talalay Latex, which gently lifts a sleeper’s body in a new way. With this industry first design, every position in a Pure LatexBLISS bed can create a “weightless” sensation for the user.

“Latex has become such a huge success because of its lifting effect and ability to relax muscles; now we’re bringing those same benefits to the adjustable base. In most adjustable bed bases, ‘Zero gravity’ is just a position, not an experience. By incorporating latex into our base we allow customers to experience that weightless feeling regardless of whether they’re sleeping working, relaxing or watching television in bed,” said Pure LatexBLISS President Kurt Ling. “Latex mattresses have always been a ‘perfect pairing’ to adjustable foundations. The construction of latex rubber allows it to follow the form change of adjustable beds better than any mattress material, maximizing the effect of this adjustable foundation. Latex adjustable foundations are also more durable because adjustable beds bend a mattress more and latex rubber doesn't break down like other materials. It is the secret ingredient we believe has been missing in an adjustable base.”

The World’s Best Adjustable™ Foundation is available in three sizes, including twin XL, queen and split cal king and features a wall saver design, massage settings, one touch positioning and customizable legs.

Visit www.latexbliss.com.