Pure LatexBLISS Introduces Gel Inside™ Pillows and Toppers

Made exclusively from natural talalay latex and a patent-pending ACTIVE Gel™ technology, Pure LatexBLISS™ introduces a full collection pillows and toppers aptly named GEL inside™.

ACTIVE Gel™ Technology helps partners sleep at optimal body temperatures cooling a warm sleeper and warming a cool sleeper in the same bed. The industry’s first non-static gel technology utilizes phase change material, which stores energy and releases energy on demand making the benefit possible.

“Sleeping is not a ‘one-type fits all’ activity, everyone is different. Most of us know a couple where one spouse sleeps hot and the other sleeps cool,” comments Kurt Ling, company executive. “Our GEL inside™ collection is ideal for couples who are opposites for a host of reasons and for those who live in climates where there is a change of seasons.”

“The GEL inside™ collection of pillows and toppers will be available in November and we plan to introduce a GEL inside™ mattresses at the Las Vegas Market in January,” adds Joe Hunt.

Visit www.latexbliss.com.