Pure LatexBLISS Expands Pillow Offerings with “ActiveFUSION Climate Control” Collection

Pure LatexBLISS™ is showcasing its collection of “ActiveFUSION™ Climate Control” pillows at the High Point Market. The new collection, which doubles the company’s current pillow program, uses cutting edge material to cool a warm sleeper and warm a cool sleeper in the same bed, helping two partners sleep at their optimal body temperatures. The Atlanta based company will offer a new customizable pillow display concept to be used at retail.

“Pillows are just as important as mattresses when trying to achieve a great night’s sleep. Since retailer and consumer response to our beds with ActiveFUSION technology has been extremely positive, we felt it was necessary to add this incredible feature to our line of pillows,” said Pure LatexBLISS President, Kurt Ling. “Incorporating this technology into our pillows ensures consumers can achieve a comfortable, cool or warm sleep experience from head to toe.”

The new collection is made exclusively from Natural Talalay Latex with ActiveFUSION Climate Control phase change technology and utilizes both “Fast” and “Slow” response options. “Fast Response” pillows are made with Natural Talalay Latex for a traditional Talalay Latex luxury feel and the “Slow Response” pillows mimic high quality memory foam but are more supportive and made from a special formulation of Talalay Latex.

The five sku line features two classic and two contoured pillows, available in both “Fast” and “Slow” response, as well as a dual-sided pillow featuring the benefits of a fast response option on one side and slow response on the other.

Visit www.latexbliss.com.