Protect-A-Bed Spotlights Comprehensive Premium Pillow Line

Protect-A-Bed is bringing its extensive new pillow offering and newly upgraded sleep technology, SleepTailor, to the spring High Point Market. The new pillow program features three new pillow lines, each with integrated cooling fabrics and five fill variations designed to deliver the specific support, comfort and adjustability each customer needs.

“By combining Protect-A-Bed’s expertise in a healthy bed with the latest sleep and material science, we are able to deliver the perfect combination of comfort and support for practically anyone, and further enhance the benefits of any mattress,” said John Rachid, president of Protect-A-Bed.

Protect-A-Bed pillows 2 webThe company’s expanded pillow line features 43 models with five fill variations, including classic, memory foam, memory foam clusters, classic hybrid and memory foam hybrid. The line also offers three high-tech outer fabric options. The Snow features cooling Nordic Chill fiber, while the Crystal offers a blend of Nordic Chill and Tencel fabrics for cooling and moisture wicking properties. The REM-Fit option combines Re-Ax Unleashed and Nordic Chill to deliver cooling, flexibility and moisture control benefits.

“Creating the perfect pillow mix is only half of the equation,” explained VP of Product Development, Warrick Bell. “The other half is ensuring that the right pillow gets to the customer. That is why we’ve integrated the new pillow line-up into SleepTailor.”

SleepTailor is an in-store display system that provides users with effortless pillow selection by analyzing their preferences for features and sleeping positions along with image data. In real time, SleepTailor then combines these multiple data points using a proprietary algorithm and biomechanics model to recommend pillows that are tailored specifically to each user for proper alignment and preferences.

“Thanks to SleepTailor, a customer can feel confident he or she is choosing the right pillow,” said CEO James Bell. “They don’t have to think about variables like height, density and position, instead we take their information and offer the ideal solution. It truly removes the guesswork out of buying a pillow.”