Pillow Cube Expands Portfolio With Cooling Products

Pillow Cube, creator of a pillow designed especially for side sleepers, recently announced the expansion of its existing product line with the launch of several new innovations across the bedding space.

Joining hero SKUs, Pillow Cube Classic and Pro, as well as a line of pillowcases and the recently released Pillow Cubs, the brand welcomes The Ice Cube Pillow, Cubit Comforter, Zip Fit Sheets and the Zip Fit Cooling Cover.

Pillow Cube Expands Portfolio To Support Seamless Sleep For All

With its previous focus on the side-sleeping experience, Pillow Cube is now setting its sights on additional accessories, putting its signature spin on bedding essentials to make sleep more seamless for all. Following the incredible success of its cube-shaped pillow offerings, the brand is growing its footprint across the bedding category and enhancing its lineup with new cooling technology.

Dedicated to bringing consumers solution-based products, Pillow Cube continues to innovate within the accessories category by targeting common challenges within the sleep experience.

Pillow Cube's New Additions Include:

  • The Ice Cube PillowThe ultimate pillow for the side sleeper just got cooler. Available in classic and pro formats, The Ice Cube features frozen fibers to keep that “cool side” feeling all night long. ($99.99-$139.99)
  • Cubit Comforter:  The Cubit Comforter offers temperature-regulation and is more than 2X the volume of a normal comforter. Featuring a reversible grey and white top, it’s the perfect buy for cold weather snuggling. ($149.99-$249.99)
  • Zip Fit Sheets: Pillow Cube’s Zip Fit Sheets fully encase the bed, ensuring they do not pull up like regular fitted sheets. The top sheet zips onto the foot of the bed, eliminating the partner tug-of-war and keeping everyone snug throughout the night. ($129.99-$189.99)
  • Zip Fit Cooling Cover: Unlike other mattress protectors, this one stays in place while protecting the bed from stains and spills. ($109.99-$189.99)

“Pillow Cube was founded in the pursuit of filling the hole that side sleepers were being left behind with,” said Jay Davis, Pillow Cube Chief Executive Officer. “It’s in our DNA to think of the things the other guys don’t. With these latest innovations we aim to provide all sleepers with thoughtful solutions to make the sleep experience that much easier. After all, rest isn’t meant to be hard work!”

In line with the holiday season, Pillow Cube is offering a “Bedding System Bundle” in which all items can be purchased together at a discounted rate.

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About Pillow Cube

Pillow Cube is the #1 side sleeper pillow. The best and most comfortable pillow collection for side sleepers on the market, Pillow Cube was invented to fill the “pillow-hole” – the space between a side sleeper’s shoulder and head. Providing proper support for your head and alignment for your neck, Pillow Cube is made in the USA with the highest quality materials.

Pillow Cube is the side sleeper’s best friend and comes in a variety of pillow formats, including the CLASSIC cube-shape, the PRO for those who roll from side to side during the night and the CUBS for kids.