Malouf Updates Popular Sleep Tite Protector Collection

Malouf is expanding the range of its Sleep Tite product family with three new mattress protectors, providing retailers with even more options. Complete with several protective technologies, these new protectors are liquid-proof, breathable, quiet and cool. The 15-year warranty extends to the mattress it covers and instills confidence that everything beneath the sheets stays clean.

Designed to compliment the company’s popular Pr1me protector, Malouf’s Pr1me Smooth protector has been updated to include a smooth top surface. This new model remains backed by the laboratory certified H2Pro membrane that blocks liquids, allergens and dust mites. With the Universal Fit fitted sheet style elastic, the protector securely fits mattresses up to 22 inches in height. The company is also unveiling the new Encase LT at market, bringing complete encasement protection at a high value price point. A three-sided zipper eliminates the passage of bed bugs, protects against all liquids, allergens and dust mites and securely fits a mattress up to 14 inches.

Rounding out Malouf’s Las Vegas Market introductions is the top-of-the-line Encase Omniphase. Featuring four advanced technologies, the Encase Omniphase is the crème de la crème of mattress protectors—offering superior temperature regulation in addition to complete protection against allergens, liquids and bed bugs. Moisture wicking Tencel fabric with Omniphase phase change technology absorbs and releases heat to truly create a comfortable sleep climate in hot or cold conditions. The patented encasement design completely blocks bed bugs with a 360° Micro Tite zipper—which also allows for easy removal. The lab-certified H2Pro membrane completely blocks liquids while the Universal Fit fitted sheet style elastic ensures a secure fit for mattresses up to 22 inches.

These new product offerings come at the heels of a very successful year for Malouf. In addition to expanding its business to include over one million square feet of warehousing space between the east and west coasts, the company was recently awarded first place in packaging design at the 8th International Design Awards and honored as a top trademark registrant at the 2015 Utah Genius Awards.

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