Malouf Unveils One-Of-A-Kind Cooling Pillow

Malouf is unveiling an innovative new sleep solution at the Winter Las Vegas Market with the debut of its CarbonCool + Omniphase Pillow. By enhancing the comfort of soft memory foam with an array of different heat-transferring technologies, the new pillow delivers remarkable cooling benefits that begin at its very core.

For the first level of temperature management, the CarbonCool + Omniphase Pillow is made from a unique carbon-infused memory foam construction. The addition of super-conductive graphite particles creates pathways that quickly move heat away from the head, face and neck through the material’s open cell structure. From there, the memory foam is infused with Omniphase phase-change molecules—and topped with an additional layer of the advanced material at the surface of the pillow. Omniphase offers added temperature regulation as it works to continually absorb and transfer heat during the night.

Finally, the pillow is encased in a mesh cover made from eco-friendly Tencel mesh that not only offers a soft and smooth finish, but quickly absorbs and releases moisture to naturally manage humidity. Together, these three technologies help maintain an optimum sleep environment throughout the night.

By combining first-of-its-kind temperature regulation, eco-friendly covers and a supremely comfortable feel, the CarbonCool + Omniphase Pillow delivers a variety of meaningful benefits that consumers can see and feel. With advanced cooling features included throughout every element of the product, Malouf is offering retailers a truly valuable add-on opportunity.