Malouf Showcases Latest Pillows in New Market Showroom

With a newly redesigned showroom at the Summer Las Vegas market, Malouf is focusing on promoting more interaction with its products as part of a complete aesthetic overhaul that more closely aligns with their new brand. The company will also unveil the new Lavender Pillow, the latest addition to their comprehensive portfolio of bedding accessories.

The newly redesigned showroom will give customers an opportunity to interact with Malouf products in a literal way. Malouf’s popular Z pillow line will be displayed without its packaging throughout the showroom to encourage customers to feel the different materials the Z line offers, in particular the exclusive Dough memory foam. The company will showcase stools topped with their ISOLUS mattress toppers, jars that demonstrate the breathability and liquid-proof abilities of SLEEP TITE protectors, and a sheet display to allow customers to feel the different materials offered in the WOVEN line.

Malouf will also introduce the new Lavender Pillow in Las Vegas. This memory foam pillow is infused with real lavender, creating a natural aromatherapy experience to relieve tension, promote relaxation and improve sleep quality. Made from Zoned Dough technology, the Lavendar Pillow combines the softest memory foam with dual comfort zones for specialized neck support and added breathability. Accompanying this pillow is a luxuriously soft bamboo velour cover excellent for sensitive skin and temperature regulation.

“We recognize the strong appeal of our packaging, but there’s a wow factor when you touch Malouf products for the first time that we need to communicate. A major goal of our new showroom design is to promote hands-on interaction so customers can visualize the Malouf experience even before it changes the way they sleep,” says Shauna Spencer, the lead interior designer at Malouf. “Malouf creates high value products and we want consumers to be able to physically feel the quality of our materials.”

Malouf debuted their first-ever permanent space in Las Vegas last year and expanding to this new, larger showroom allows the company more room to give an open, fresh feel that better communicates the brand experience.

“The goal in remodeling our showroom is to align our displays with our rebranding efforts,” said Emily Bunnell, the creative director at Malouf. “In addition to unveiling our showroom, we’ll be releasing our new website featuring a forward-thinking design, high-quality images and compelling content. We’re confident the new showroom and website will echo our recent design shifts and really help customers get a feel for our brand viability.”