Malouf Introduces Three New Innovative Body Pillows

Set to debut at the spring High Point market, Malouf will enhance their robust Z pillow lineup with a trio of new body pillows to complement the growing trend of customized sleep solutions. Malouf currently carries more than 200 pillow varieties.

The body pillows feature an ergonomic design that follow the natural contours of the body to help relieve sleeping pains. The shape of each pillow provides comfort for anyone wanting additional body support and are particularly useful for women in need of maternity relief. Each of the new body pillows include a removable bamboo velour cover for easy laundering.

“We’re very excited to officially release our new body pillows at High Point Market,” said Sam Malouf, the chief executive officer of Malouf. “We don’t believe in creating one thing for everyone; nor do we rely on clever marketing to convince two very different people that they’ll be comfortable sleeping on something designed for someone else. Customizing sleep is a big trend right now, and these new body pillows offer a variety of uses to make sleep more comfortable.”

Malouf's Wrap-around Pillow


The largest of the new pillows, the Wrap-around, is shaped like the letter C and offers flexible support to fit most body sizes. Made with an ultra-soft, hypoallergenic down-alternative fill, this new pillow offers consistent feel that envelops the whole body, aligning the hips and creating soft support under the head, neck, back and belly

Malouf's Horseshoe Pillow


Made with the same down-alternative fill, the Horseshoe pillow is about half the size of the Wrap-around and offers soft support to help relieve sleeping pains. Its ergonomic U-shape design envelops both sides of the body—and allows for a variety of support options. Used under the head, the pillow supports the neck and back; when used under the legs, it helps to align the hips and cradle the belly.

Malouf's Boomerang Pillow


The Boomerang pillow is made from Gel Dough, a unique memory foam formula that maintains a cooler, softer form. The Boomerang’s L-shaped design provides sup port for the head, neck and shoulders to help eliminate sleeping pains and maximize comfort for multiple position sleepers.


In addition to the body pillows, Malouf will also release its first bed skirt. Created in classic French form, it features boxed corners and a matelassé stitch to create a quilted appearance.

Malouf will also showcase several other products that were released earlier this year but are making a first appearance at High Point. The highly acclaimed Tencel sheets, which played a center-stage role in Malouf’s Las Vegas showroom, offers a smooth hand and regulates humidity and temperature. Malouf will also show its Shredded Gel and Cotton Encased Down Blend pillows.