Malouf Highlights Two New Benefit-Driven Accessories In High Point

Malouf is heading to the fall High Point Market with two fresh product introductions in tow. The company will be spotlighting the new Shoulder CarbonCool LT + Omniphase pillow and the Structures E255 Adjustable Bed Base alongside its full suite of sleep accessories in its new High Point Market showroom.

Adding to its already comprehensive selection of pillows, the new Shoulder CarbonCool LT + Omniphase was designed to deliver two popular benefits: cooling and side-sleeper support. The new pillow is infused with activated carbon and phase change material for constant temperature regulation that maintains the body’s optimum sleep temperature. The unique shoulder recess was specifically designed for side sleepers, creating ultimate comfort and ergonomic support.

Accessories_Malouf 1Malouf is also showcasing the new Structures E255 Adjustable Bed Base at the fall market. The thin modern deck is upholstered, creating an attractive easy step-up option compared to all-metal bases. Powered by a wireless remote control, this adjustable base speaks directly to the tech-conscious customer. It also touts an easy-to-transport and simple-to-assemble design—all at a value price point.

Both products will be on display at the new Malouf showroom, which boasts almost double the space as its previous location.