Malouf Expands Global Manufacturing Capabilities

As tariffs loom over the bedding industry, Malouf recently announced the expansion of their global manufacturing capabilities. The impending legislation has caused many suppliers to reassess their manufacturing relationships with China, but Malouf has prioritized global partnerships as part of their company strategy for many years. The brand’s network of factories currently includes 15 countries throughout North America, Europe, Western and Southeast Asia.

As the tariffs are implemented, Malouf has shifted 100 percent of production of mattresses and adjustable bases out of China, and it’s evaluating the rest of its diverse product lineup on an item-by-item basis.

Vice President of Sales Mike Douglas said, “We’ve relocated operations so our products will still match or exceed our high standards. We’ll continue sourcing exceptional raw materials from around the globe and partnering with facilities in those countries to manufacture our award-winning products.” Douglas noted that Malouf’s careful planning allows it to keep things competitive. “Our prices will still maximize profits for our retail partners.”

Malouf’s volume of production and size give it the means to create exclusive partnerships with top factories around the world. Instrumental in cultivating this global spread has been Malouf’s dedicated supply chain team and product research and development team. The company’s vertically integrated structure and commitment to diverse sourcing has assured Malouf can continue producing product regardless of tariffs.

Sam Malouf, founder and CEO, said, “We’re fully prepared for whatever decision emerges from the G-20 Summit. Thankfully, we’re agile, proactive, and adaptable.”

Malouf continues to invite new business relationships and reassure current partners. “We’re available as a resource for those who suddenly find themselves struggling to stock their shelves. For those who already partner with us, know you have the power of worldwide sourcing behind you. We play the globe—this is just business as usual.”


About Malouf: A leader in the furniture and bedding industry, Malouf offers a wide range of innovative products including pillows, sheets, mattress protectors, bed frames, mattress toppers, furniture, and adjustable bed bases. Malouf products are available in over 12,000 retail partner locations in the U.S. and its growing international team now serves over 20 countries. Known for its commitment to quality, pricing, and service, Malouf continues to expand its vertical integration capabilities to better serve its customers. Malouf was founded in 2003 by Sam and Kacie Malouf and is headquartered in Logan, Utah.