Malouf Does The Impossible With Launch Of 4K Ultra TC Sheets

Well-known for luxurious sleep products, Malouf just revealed one of the biggest innovations in sheets since Egyptian cotton: the achievement of combining 4,000 threads per square inch to create its newest line of sheets - the aptly named 4K Ultra TC sheet set.

Almost everyone knows that the higher the thread count, the better the sheets, and Malouf wasn’t satisfied with settling. Historically, quality sheets have a thread count from 200 to 600. Even the hustlers capped at 1,500 to 2,000. Sheets with a thread count of 4,000 were thought to be an unattainable, undesirable milestone. No longer.

“I don’t want to brag, but no one has come close to what we’ve achieved with the 4K Ultra TC sheets,” said Hamilton Hyve, the chief product designer at Malouf. “Ten years ago we couldn’t imagine it was possible to pack 4,000 threads in a square inch, but now we’re ready to show the world what it feels like to sleep at the top. Consumer trends prove bigger is better; sleep doesn’t get bigger than 4K Ultra TC.”

Malouf 4K Ultra TC April Fool'sMalouf is keeping its patent-pending technology under wraps, but an inside source revealed its 4K sheets are handcrafted with a specially-made loom housed in Italy's largest airplane hangar. According to the source, each sheet set requires 47 hours to complete due to thousands of nano-threads that are twisted together to make the multi-ply thread, a process that can produce intense tangles that have to be undone by hand—by artisans wearing white gloves.

White-glove treatment flows into the elegant packaging with gold accents, a package that is sure to win the company another award. An exorbitant amount of fabric goes into each sheet set so each is machine folded.

Available today for a premium price tag of $4,000, the sheets are said to bring a new standard of deceptively luxurious bedding. The sheets are available in all standard sizes and five color options including gravel, sandpaper, bark, lava rock and cat tongue.

Malouf pre-released the 4K sheets to an exclusive group of experts who prepared their take for the launch. YouTube sensation Trevor Lotto from The Trevor Review said, “These look really nice... Oh man, this is some serious thread count! This is what you pay for 4,000 thread count. The quality is there; 4,000 thread count is promised to be a great sheet.”

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About Malouf: Malouf has been innovating, manufacturing, and importing quality bedding products for over 13 years. Malouf’s product lines include Z pillows, WOVEN linens, STRUCTURES frames, SLEEP TITE protectors, and ISOLUS toppers. This comprehensive offering provides retail partners with the tools needed to enhance every mattress sale. Malouf now owns over one and a half million square feet of warehousing space between the east and west coasts, allowing for streamlined shipping logistics and faster transit times. For more information about Malouf, visit