Magniflex Introduces CBD-Infused Pillow

Responding to the growing popularity of cannabidiol (CBD) as a route to a healthier lifestyle, Magniflex USA is unveiling the CBD Serenity Pillow at the summer Las Vegas Market. The medium-comfort pillow features a cover that is infused with CBD. 

CBD is a material extracted from the cannabis plant and is known for its ability to provide both a sense of tranquility and relief from pain and stress, properties that encourage a deeper and more restful night’s sleep. 

“Magniflex has always been at the forefront of bringing new products to market that improve overall health by enhancing everyone’s sleep,” said Billy Curtright, national sales manager for Magniflex USA. “With our new CBD Serenity Pillow, we will be delivering a product that offers the relaxing qualities of CBD in balms, oils and other home merchandise consumers have more recently been drawn to in a fantastic pillow.” 

The CBD Serenity Pillow: What's Inside?

The CBD Serenity Pillow is made with a breathable and natural fiber that wicks away moisture, thus keeping the head, neck and shoulders cool and fresh during sleep. The interior of the pillow consists of Magniflex’s proprietary Memoform memory foam, which adapts to the weight of the head, neck and shoulders to further enhance the comfort the pillow provides. Additionally, the pillow is produced with the company’s Airyform technology, which inserts air holes in the core of the foam to provide perfect breathability and optimal dispersion of heat and moisture. 

The CBD Serenity Pillow is another step for Magniflex in its strategy to position itself as a resource for a variety of sleep products. Earlier this year, the company launched the Deluxe Standard Soft, an addition to its Superiore collection of pillows that delivers a plush-feel product to round out the collection’s medium-firm and medium-soft feels. Magniflex also added a companion pillow to its GiNO mattress, introduced last year, with a cover consisting of a performance fabric infused with silver fibers.