LOGICDATA Introduces Turn-Key, Silver Series E-Commerce Business Model

As consumer buying patterns pivot online in record numbers during the COVID-19 pandemic, LOGICDATA has been helping bedding retailers quickly augment their traditional, brick-and-mortar adjustable base business through easy, seamless e-commerce solutions.

According to Dexter Weber, President at LOGICDATA North America, the company’s ability to provide retail customers with a “turn-key solution” in its SILVER Series adjustable base e-commerce business model has been key to supporting retailers’ online sales strategies.

“LOGICDATA’s e-commerce options allow retailers to maintain customer engagement through local contactless delivery, with drop shipments directly from our U.S. warehouse and curbside pickup,” explained Weber. “The bases are easily – and safely –deliverable and easily assembled, which are consumers' top buying considerations.”

LOGICDATA’s SILVER Series includes two options: the SILVERstandard and SILVERlite, with a modular, ready-to-assemble design that is adjustable to fit any style. The products can be shipped by UPS or FedEx Ground in one or two easy-to-handle packages to avoid oversize charges; LOGICDATA also provides complimentary product warehousing/storage. The bases are ready-to-use from box to assembled frame in 15 minutes or less.

“Our products were built for the online world, and given the explosive growth in web traffic during the pandemic, we’ve been able to generate a lot of opportunities helping retailers navigate and adapt to new buyer patterns,” Weber said.

LOGICDATA is also unique in that it manufactures 100% of the adjustable base electronics and mechanics, giving the company a strong supply chain that is continuing to scale up production to stay ahead of growing demand. “With our ready-to-roll, turn-key SILVER Series e-commerce business model, retailers can start selling online today,” he added.

LOGICDATA will be showing at the summer Las Vegas market.

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About LOGICDATA: Since 1997, LOGICDATA is dedicated to the creation of market-leading mechatronic and electronic solutions. With decades of expertise, the company is a key player in the adjustable furniture industry. Their product portfolio covers solutions for the home and office business as well as smart technologies for digital connectivity to bring motion to the lives of millions.

The company is constantly in motion when it comes to innovation and new developments. They see what others do not see and take a step further where others stop. LOGICDATA works hand in hand with their customers and suppliers to develop new technologies and applications. Therefore, half of the company is devoted to research and development. The design teams and partners continuously find better ways to produce in an environmentally conscious manner.

LOGICDATA endeavors to always improve and to (r)evolutionize the adjustable furniture industry. Over 250 employees in Austria, Slovenia, China and the USA working together with one goal: to lift your products to new heights and to bring your business in motion.