LOGICDATA Introduces Groundbreaking Adjustable Base

With the launch of its SILVER Series of functional adjustable bases/bedframes, LOGICDATA is reinventing adjustable bed technology through innovation, functionality and design.

The company engineered the new SILVER Series frame with its all-new, nationally recognized* ELEmatic System, a revolutionary design hiding the technology responsible for adjusting the frame within a clean and flawless design. Compared with conventional adjustable bases, which require technology throughout the entire base, LOGICDATA’s SILVER Series base only requires a fraction of the area to house the technology.

The SILVER Series’ modular frames are conveniently ready-to-assemble; an individual can independently assemble a finished frame in less than 30 minutes. The frames are also UPS/Fedex/common carrier shippable to customers across the country, and are especially ideal for urban apartment/condo dwellers who will appreciate the easy portability and assembly of the frame. Easy and effortless to use, the SIVLER Series is designed for user simplicity, the wireless remote control providing an intuitive interface for real-time use of pre-programmed positions, including zero-gravity, anti-snore and lay-flat, as well as individual positions programmed by the user.

Smart and efficient, the SILVERstandard is designed to minimize efforts and costs for creating different bed sizes and variants. The frame’s core components remain the same for all bed sizes and variants, allowing for a simplified supply chain. The modular design also allows for a high level of customization with just a few visible parts need adapting. In addition, the size of the frame can easily be changed - consumers can upgrade from a queen to a king without buying a whole new bed. Addtionally, the bases have customizable frame panels that can easily accommodate a variety of personal tastes and bedroom décor.

“We’re thrilled to share our innovation story, and how this transcends to the SILVER Series at the Las Vegas Market,” said Steve Miskelley, president of LOGICDATA North America. “Creating the 'unexpected’ is a state of mind at LOGICDATA that guides product development – it is at the core of how we innovate. SILVER Series reflects this vision of innovation through disruptive technologies, and represents an entirely new way we’re (R)evolutionizing adjustable furniture.”

“[The] SILVER Series brings our company’s legacy of world-class, human-centered design expertise to the home furnishings industry, with meaningful and unexpected innovations,”added LOGICDATA CEO Johannes Gradwohl. “Our open innovative culture allows for extraordinary, and accelerated ideas, concepts and testing; everyone here wants to contribute; we are curious to find ways to make a difference and show how we care.”

*ELEmatic was named a semi-finalist in the 2017 SleepTech Award by the National Sleep Foundation of Arlington, VA.

To learn more, please visit logicdata.net.

About LOGICDATA: Over the company’s founding 21 years ago, LOGICDATA has driven innovation by continuously providing revolutionary products. Today LOGICDATA is a trusted partner for the office and home furniture industries with the focus on supplying mechatronic components. LOGICDATA employs more than 250 people, with more than half serving as R&D engineers; mechanical, electrical and software; product developers, software developers and designers. In addition to its state-of-the-art world headquarters in Deutschlandsberg, Austria, LOGICDATA has locations in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Slovenia, Hong Kong, and China.