Levitation Laboratories Debuts Futuristic UpLift 3-in-1 Weightless Mattress System

Levitation Laboratories will be showing off its new multi-patented UpLift Weightless Mattress System at the summer Las Vegas Market, a product that is innovative and exciting—not to mention, a whole lot of fun!

Using hovercraft-inspired technology, UpLift 360 floats any innerspring, memory foam or hybrid mattress above its foundation, rendering it virtually weightless in seconds. This unique technology is designed for easy bed-making and effortless mattress rotation—all while holding an optional bed skirt perfectly in place.

Levitation Laboratories UpLift Weightless Mattress System

“For the first time in history, mattress owners can now effortlessly tuck in sheets and regularly rotate their mattress, to maximize the life and comfort of perhaps their most important bedroom investment,” said Bill Scarleski, Chief Innovations Officer.

After six years of research and development, the technology behind this 3-in-1 Weightless Mattress System has earned 19 U.S. and international patents to date, with 46 pending around the globe. With a proprietary ultra-thin UnderCover fabric that fits neatly under the mattress and a stream of air from a small air pump that remains hidden under the bed, UpLift 360 renders the mattress virtually weightless at the click of a hands-free switch. The proprietary technology is so versatile that it will be available to consumers as an aftermarket accessory, designed to install onto all existing mattresses—with the company soon launching a premium mattress line that features the 3-in-1 System built in.

Levitation Laboratories Uplift Weightless Mattress SystemLevitation Laboratories is also shaking up the mattress protection segment with its revolutionary GlideOn 360 line of protective mattress encasements. These protectors provide the same mattress rotation and bed skirt holding features as the UpLift 360, while making it super easy for consumers to install and launder.

The interest level and marketing opportunities that the UpLift and GlideOn lines offer to retailers is apparent. This system immediately overcomes many potential consumers’ hesitations about purchasing a deeper or heavier premium or luxury mattress.

“Our products not only provide smart solutions to long-standing problems that mattress owners incur in the days, weeks and months between mattress purchases—but are designed to be fresh, fun and exciting for consumers to own,” Scarleski explained. “We like to believe that our curiously innovative 3-in-1 Weightless Mattress System gets customers into mattress and big box retail stores to try, smile, and buy. The years of mind-melting hard work it took to get everything just right for retail consumers has been worth it. When you hear the laughs from someone as you magically rotate them on a floating, sliding, spinning mattress for the first time in their lives, it makes you laugh—it makes everyone in the room laugh—and that makes it all worthwhile—it’s priceless!”

After receiving overwhelmingly positive response and interest from mattress industry executives at Levitation’s recent ISPA EXPO debut this past spring, it’s clear that the company’s GlideOn and Uplift 3-in1 Weightless Mattress Systems is on target to revolutionize the sleep industry.

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