Kingsdown Enters The Adjustable Base Category With The Epitome

Kingsdown is taking the adjustable sleep experience to a new level with a new luxury base. Complete with a unique sleep tracker that monitors key factors affecting sleep, the feature-rich Epitome base will be on display during the spring High Point Market. 

The adjustable bed base category has grown rapidly in recent years, and we see a tremendous opportunity ahead in the luxury space. We have been very deliberate in developing and designing our entrée into the dynamic adjustable sleep business,” said Frank Hood, president and chief executive officer of Kingsdown. Our Epitome base includes all of the latest technology and is perfectly suited for our upper-end, luxury products. 

In addition to working with Kingsdowns bedMATCH diagnostic system, the Epitomes built-in Sleep Smart tracker keeps tabs on the sleepers movements during the night. It also considers environmental factors like light, room noise, temperature and humidity when evaluating sleep quality. The tracker also allows consumers to analyze sleep patterns over time and provides recommendations for getting a better nights sleep. 

Other key features of the Epitome include an adjustable massage function, under-bed lighting, dual USB ports on each side and a wireless remote control. The remote includes three pre-set positions (anti-snore, zero gravity and TV) and a memory function that stores two other favorite positions. The Epitome can also be controlled by voice-activated commands with Amazon Alexa and Google Home or via an app through smart devices. 

Sold under Kingsdowns Zedbed label, the Epitome is available in twin, twin XL, full, full XL, queen and kingand retails for about $2,499 in queen. The North-American-made product ships in two cartons and is suitable for both e-commerce and brick-and-mortar retailers.