Integrated Listening Systems’ Dreampad Delivers Calming Sound Technology

Integrated Listening Systems’ innovative Dreampad pillow is a sleep accessory unlike any other. Using advanced Intrasound Technology transducers, the Dreampad delivers music internally through a gentle vibration to promote relaxation and improve the quality and length of sleep.

A leader in psychoacoustics research and training since 2007, Integrated Listening Systems has primarily focused on sound and movement therapy for pediatric purposes. By altering the frequencies, iLs creates processed classical music to aid brain improvement for people with strokes, brain injuries, children with ADHD and autism. The Dreampad technology has been used for years in iLs’ headphone products, where the calming effect of the transducers was first noticed. In 2011, the company developed the Dreampad pillow as a solution for children who could not wear headphones because of tactile hypersensitivity. Originally sold exclusively through pediatric psychiatric and clinical channels, the results of the Dreampad were so successful with children that the company started to receive feedback from parents as well.

“When sleep improves, the benefits trickle down to waking life,” explained Integrated Listening Systems CEO Randall Redfield. “The parents of our customers’ patients started to notice improvements in school and other daily activities—and even began to borrow the pad for their own use.”

In 2014, the company responded to consumer requests by re-designing the construction of the Dreampad pillow to better benefit adult consumers—delivering the successful technology within a plusher, more comfortable product. “Most ‘sleep technology’ is geared towards tracking,” Redfield continued. “While that is beneficial for mindfulness training, there didn’t seem to be any products like ours that work to actually help people sleep better— products that physically adjust the environment and make it more conducive to sleep.”

Beyond providing a comfortable sleep surface, the Dreampad is designed to specifically address complex obstacles that prevent people from getting sleep. Each Dreampad comes with a free, downloadable app that includes five different music choices that have been created to induce relaxation and sleep with particular tempo, frequency filtration and non-melodic ambient sounds. The pillow then serves as a playback device, using imbedded transducers to produce music that can only be heard by the person using the pillow. Rather than resonating through the airwaves and in through the ear, the sound travels via vibrations through the cranium—providing gentle and specific stimulation that activates certain neural pathways and stimulates the body’s relaxation response. This creates a calming effect that alleviates stress and anxiety, slowing the “mind racing” feeling that prevents many consumers from falling and staying asleep.

“Dreampad is a unique tool that can be used in conjunction with other sleep-promoting methods and habits,” Redfield said. “We’re happy to provide a solution to reduce people’s stress because if we can address that core cause, then they’re halfway to getting a great night sleep.”

Coming from a clinical background, iLs sets itself apart in the growing accessories market by backing up its claims with science-based, data-driven research. In addition to improving the length and depth of sleep, the Dreampad has been proven to help reduce anxiety and improve sleep habits. A recent study conducted by researchers at Sleep Image, Inc. monitored the effect of the Dreampad on the relaxation response of ‘normal’ adults with no insomnia or stress related diagnoses. Using heart rate variability as measurement, this study measured changes in the Parasympathetic Nervous System—the system that governs the body’s ability to relax (as opposed to the flight-or-flight response of the Sympathetic Nervous System). Within five minutes of use, the Dreampad showed an 85% success rate in stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system—and thereby providing a quantifiable calming effect. Other clinical studies have shown the product’s positive effects for people with ADHD, Austism Spectrum Disorders and PTSD—not only providing improvement in sleep quality but in daytime performance as well.

Dreampad is currently available for purchase online and through smaller clinical channels, but Integrated Listening Systems is focused on expanding distribution to include traditional brick-and-mortar retail and corporate wellness programs. Ranging in retail price from $159 to $179, the Dreampad is available in four different hypoallergenic pillow models. The company also offers a variety of additional add-on products, including Bluetooth Receivers and preloaded MP3 players in addition to pillow cases designed to snuggly fit the different size pillow options. A high-tech, research-driven bedding product, the dynamic Dreampad pillow offers retailers an experiential sales opportunity that truly resonates with today’s discerning consumer.