HomTex Launches New Dream Living Brand of Products

Already known for its successful DreamFit brand of sheets, HomTex Inc. will unveil the new Dream Living brand during the Winter Las Vegas Market. The company’s showroom has been renamed and redesigned to reflect this innovative new line of bedding accessories.

According to Jeremy Wootten, President and CFO of HomTex, Dream Living represents a curated collection of textile products that, in addition to looking good, focus on helping consumers live their own version of “the good life.” The collection currently includes a family of sheets, adjustable bases, pillows, throws and decorative pillows—most of which are cut, sewn, packed, and distributed in the company’s U.S. facilities.

“We now have the ability,” Wootten explained, “through the acquisition of new factories in the Southeast United States, to expand our product family into many exciting home categories.”

Luxury and innovation are hallmarks of the new Dream Living brand. The new line of sheets includes innovative new technologies, updated colors and refreshed packaging. The Dream Living adjustable bed bases include patented ARC Gentle Lift technology, offering retailers key market differentiation in the growing segment. Additionally, the collection includes to elegant throws and decorative pillows to create more add-on opportunities.

“Every product in our new collection has a unique reason for being,” said Jerry Wootten, Founder and CEO. “We want to go beyond the consumer’s expectation and deliver everyday luxury. That’s the value proposition a growing number of consumers are looking for today.”

In addition to unveiling the Dream Living brand, HomTex will also bring to market revised DreamFit sales aides, training videos and other materials as well—showcasing the company’s ongoing commitment to supporting its retail partners.

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