HoMedics Launches drift Sandscape Table

HoMedics, an established leader in wellness and home health innovations, recently announced the launch of its sandscape table, called drift. Bringing mindfulness to the forefront, the brand is expanding its portfolio. drift promotes calmness as it creates a variety of mesmerizing patterns within the sand while also serving as a modern decorative piece for the home.

The contemporary product design features a glass overlay with a bed of sand beneath, through which a metal ball moves smoothly via a magnetic process. Utilizing an intuitive app available on IOS devices, users can choose from hundreds of patterns and mood setting colors, control the speed and brightness, or pick the perfect design playlist. drift is updated regularly with new designs and features, maintaining a fun and dynamic experience that keeps consumers engaged. In addition, the device aids consumers in their journey for relaxation, bringing mindfulness into the home, improving mood, inspiring creativity, and enhancing focus.

"We believe that well-being starts at home and the introduction of drift to our product portfolio completes an important piece of our brand's mission, to provide consumers with innovative products that harmonize mind, body and soul," said Daniel Kaufman, Head of Corporate Strategy at FKA Brands. "We are dedicated as a company to help deliver optimal, holistic wellness options to our consumers, and with this new offering we aim to make it easier to create mindful moments within your day."

In support of the mental health community, HoMedics is partnering with the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) to help address the critical need for individuals with mental health diagnoses to care for their mental and physical health. With every drift purchase, HoMedics will donate a portion of proceeds to NAMI and their Hearts+Minds program.

drift will launch in two different colorways, black and cream, and two size options, a 16-inch diameter and a 21-inch diameter, with price points ranging from $349.99 – $449.99. drift is also being featured at Showfields in Miami Beach, FL.

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