Hallmart Introduces New Top Of Bed And Pillow Programs

With a focus on maintaining quality at multiple price points, Hallmart Collectibles will introduce a wide assortment of top-of-bed ensembles and pillow programs this spring. Each new product type will be available in a range of price points that offer retail partners competitive margins, with several programs coming in seven, eight, ten and twelve piece configurations.  

 Accessories_Hallmart 2 web“We are proud of the value pricing we provide our customers,” stated Jesse Ghalili, VP of Sales. “We cover all the price points: low, mid-range and our very popular top of the line ‘Made in the USA’ Collection.”  

 Hallmart’s Mongolian Wool Pillow Program has been enhanced to include six color hues: taupe, teal, dark gray, blush and black and white. “These natural wool pillows were previewed at the fall 2017 market and are in-stock and ready to ship,” Ghalili explained. “We are excited about this program and many of our customers were pleased to see Hallmart move in this upscale direction at value price points.” 

 Another ready-to-ship option is the Hallmart Layering Program, which comes in six and eight piece ensembles. The Layering Program covers are reversible, featuring contrasting patterns, textures and accent pieces to create a rich sleep environment. Pattern choices include prints, plaids and geometrics in both youth and adult appropriate styles, providing retailers with versatile options to suit their customers. Matching pillows are available to enhance the program’s appeal for the youth and teen categories.  

In addition to the new pillow program and comprehensive layering programs, Hallmart is set to introduce two and three piece reversible velvet coverlet sets. The quilted velvet coverlets come in solid gray, taupe, blush and teal colors and will be available in twin through king sizes. Once again, the price points for this category offer retailers aggressive margins and numerous options to meet the needs of their consumers. 

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