Guard Master Believes Enhancing the Customer Experience Increases Sales

Guard Master aims to change how consumers buy sleep providing retailers the opportunity to create a complete customer experience. Working with their bedding retailers, Guard Master collaborates to create unique environments focused on sleep comfort. By using their Sleep System™ sales approach retailers can provide a better shopping experience— leading to higher profits for their store.

“Mattress accessories, or ’Bedding Essentials’— such as pillows and protectors—can successfully raise your average ticket, increase your profitability, and even close more mattress sales,” says Harry Costantino, National Training Director for Guard Master. “When these products are used to elevate the shopper’s experience, price becomes secondary. You can improve your total business by introducing specialty bedding essentials at the beginning of the sale.”

According to Guard Master, there are a number of ways retailers can increase attachment rates. Guard Master’s Sleep System™ starts by showcasing accessories as ”bedding essentials.” Then, immediately offer the cus-retailtomer a pillow suited for their sleep position and matched to their selected mattress surface. Finally, speak to them about the health and wellness of a mattress protector. This includes the prevention of stains, allergens and other damage to their new investment, and includes a unique fabrication that can help evaporate moisture and heat for a cooler, deeper, better night’s rest.

“We have proven that bedding essentials can raise your average ticket $200,” says Costantino.