Gotcha Covered Debuts New Products and Features at Las Vegas Market

Gotcha Covered announced the launch of their new branded line of mattress and pillow protectors and a new feature to its Luxe Collection. Debuting at the Summer Las Vegas Market, Gotcha Covered’s new Class Collection Waterproof Protectors fit all mattress and pillow sizes and replace their ecru terry cloth protectors. Additionally, the company will unveil a new feature to its Luxe Collection called Smarty-BandZz™.

Gotcha Covered Matress Protector 1The new Class Collection protectors feature a super soft smooth jersey material that is 55 percent cotton and 45 percent poly in ecru that is undetectable under sheets, without sacrificing absorbency.

“We are thrilled to be launching our new waterproof protectors, and reinforcing our already existing Class Collection line of sheets, bed skirts and pillowcases,” said CEO Lisa Bernath.“The best part of our branded protectors is that they don’t even feel like protectors. The non-crinkling, breathable, 100 percent waterproof lamination ensures a restful, non-disrupted sleep, and the smooth jersey material ensures that there is no place for dust mites to hide.”

The fitted sheet style waterproof mattress protectors effectively absorb all fluids, have elastic all around, and have a non-toxic polyurethane laminated backing. The pillow protectors feature one-of-a-kind corner vents so there is no ‘ballooning’ when zipped closed, and come in memory foam pillow sizes, including Tempur-Pedic.

The new easy-to-read, cylinder-shaped packaging features easy-to-identify sizes with braided loop handles in navy trim. The recognizable and coordinating Classic Collection packaging fits on current shelving, and is available in the current ecru color.

Gotcha Covered Smarty-BandZzGotcha Covered will also launch their patent-pending Smarty-BandZz, a new smart system that eliminates customer frustration with bed sheet fit, orientation and size identification.

“Smarty-BandZz was developed as a revolutionary smart system for bed sheets with the goal of making people’s lives easier,” said Bernath. “During product development we really wanted this new sheet solution to not only benefit customers who own several mattress sizes, but also revolutionize how an everyday product, a bed sheet, is used and perceived in the common household. Smarty-BandZz is a smart system for bed sheets because it really solves the three most common frustrations: fit, orientation and size identification.”

The initial need for the Smarty-BandZz came from customers with adjustable beds who were looking for a better-fit solution. During product research, the company discovered that most customers shared the same frustrations when it came to bed sheets—the fit around the mattress wasn’t always that secure, the lack of size identification on the sheets led to chaos in linen closets, and everyone at one point had spent countless minutes trying to fit a sheet to discover the orientation of it was wrong.

Two horizontal Smarty-BandZz are sewn directly on the fitted sheets to help securely tuck and hold the sheet in place. Additionally, the band clearly indicates the size of the sheet, removing the sheet-size guessing game in the linen closet, and each band is marked with a head or foot indicator so that customers can quickly identify the orientation of the sheet.

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About Gotcha Covered: Gotcha Covered, based in Burbank, Calif., designs and manufactures a variety of “perfect fit” bedding solutions for all bed sizes and styles including high-end sheets, organic bedding, sofa sleeper coordinates, waterproof mattress and pillow protectors, adjustable bedskirts, and more. The company formed in 1996 by co-founders Lisa Bernath and Margalit Grunberger with a mission of developing and delivering products that meet customers’ needs in sleep comfort.