Glideaway Provides Support with its Updated Pillow Collection

Glideaway Blue Chill PillowGlideaway Sleep Products’ Sleepharmony memory foam pillow collection offers unique components such as cooling gel and charcoal infused memory foam. The four-pillow collection offers a variety of comfort feels for consumers’ comfort.

Two pillow models, Embrace and CG Sleep, join the updated Blue Chill and All Seasons to complete Glideaway’s first pillow collection. The collection was designed in conjunction with the company’s point-of-purchase initiative, “The Five Good Sleep Components Guide.”

The new Embrace pillow features an advanced memory foam core with a plush, fiber-filled outer chamber offering the perfect balance of softness and support. Sleepers will appreciate the company’s Regulate and Silver treatment, designed to keep them at an optimum sleeping temperature while fighting odor causing bacteria for a healthier night’s sleep.

CG Sleep highlights two core components– charcoal and gel. A unique, dual-sided pillow, the CG Sleep pillow features charcoal and gel-infused memory foam clusters on one side, for cooling comfort, and a premium fiber-fill on the flip-side for a luxurious feel. The active charcoal inside works at both antibacterial and allergen control in order to combat odors and bacteria growth.

As part of the collection, Glideaway has also enhanced its All Seasons and Blue Chill pillows. The All Seasons maintains its plush comfort and conforming support, while adding the benefits of charcoal infused memory foam. Meanwhile, the Blue Chill features a full layer of cooling gel now fused to a charcoal memory foam core. Working together, the gel and charcoal help maintain a lower body temperature and reduce nighttime perspiration. Both pillows feature a removable, machine-washable cooling cover.

“Pillows and accessories continue to be one of the growth areas in the sleep products industry and we wanted to broaden our offerings to give retailers even more assortment for their customers,” said Vice President of Sales Dan Baker. “These new SKUs provide some of the latest technologies to our clients. When they carry our line, they now have the ability to offer the full range of product available on the market today.”

All four pillows are offered in standard size and are sold in convenient bags with sturdy handles. Consumers can now see and feel the pillows within their packaging. The company’s steel pillow and protector POP display units will be replaced with eye-catching white acrylic display stands to increase visibility on retail floors. The new pillows, packaging and POP all work together to reinforce the company’s Five Good Sleep Components Guide, developed for RSAs and consumers alike. The five key requirements to creating an optimum sleeping environment include personal comfort fulfillment, proper support, balanced pressure relief, temperature control and antibacterial and allergen control.