Glideaway Expands “Basic, Good, Better, Best” Top-Of-Bed Offerings

Glideaway® Sleep Products of St Louis, MO will broaden its successful top-of-bed accessories lineup with “basic, good, better, best” program.

Glideaway adds two new models to complete its “basic, good, better, best” mattress protector program. The full line-up consists of the smooth Comfort Basic, microfiber Comfort Plush and terry Comfort Luxe mattress protectors. Providing protection from germs, the Comfort Basic option features a smooth, stretch fabric which does not detract from the comfort already offered by the mattress. Fulfilling the “good” category, the Comfort Plush mattress protector is made with a breathable material providing a protective barrier from allergens and dust mites. Made with a soft layer of terry, the Comfort Luxe mattress protector allows heat and moisture to transfer out of the mattress and fills the “better” category. The “best” offering is the new Comfort Premier. All of the products feature waterproof protection, are durable and Oeko-Tex® textile tested.

Glideaway Executive Vice President of Sales, Ron Fredman, commented, “While most companies offer a three option line-up, we’ve created a ‘basic, good, better, best’ program that allows retailers to choose from four options rather than three. This gives our customers a larger selection and more freedom on which products to sell to their market. Our protectors can be sold as part of this program or can serve as stand alone items.”

All protectors, which can be used for both memory foam and latex mattresses, include a 10-year warranty and fit all mattress sizes. The company also offers a line of pillow and foundation encasements for complete protection.

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