Glideaway Broadens Introduces Silver Treated Wool Mattress Protector

Glideaway® Sleep Products of Missouri broadens its successful top-of-bed accessories with the introduction of a new high-end Comfort Premier mattress protector. Made from natural wool with a Silpure silver treatment, the mattress protector offers a plush feel and keeps body temperature optimal while sleeping. The Comfort Premier is Glideaway’s first entry in high-end, top-of-bed protection products, designed to help its retailers respond to consumer willingness to spend more on sleep products with enhanced features.

The Comfort Premier mattress protector cushions the body while wicking away moisture. The Silpure silver treatment technology fights odor-causing bacteria providing long-lasting freshness. Natural wool provides not only added comfort, but the benefits of being hypoallergenic, durable and breathable. The protector also features waterproof protection to guard against stains and spills. Suggested retail price for the New Comfort Premier is $129.

“In response to growing retailer demand for variety when it comes to sleep accessories such as protectors, we created our highest ever quality protector made with natural wool,” said Glideaway Executive Vice President of Sales, Ron Fredman.