Forever Foundations Spotlights Enhanced Offerings and New Drop Ship Program

Forever Foundations continues its commitment to re-imagining the mattress foundation, debuting an updated line-up of bedroom accessories at the Summer Las Vegas Market—with modifications and improvements based on key feedback from retailers, manufacturers and consumers.

“It was apparent from the reaction we had at the last Winter Market that we had hit on a winning concept: accessories for the foundation,” said Dennis Rodgers, Forever Foundations President. “Like top-of-bed protectors, pillows and sheets, our Forever Foundations accessories are true consumer-valued products designed to give the consumer a more enjoyable bedroom experience while offering retailers increased customer value and sales opportunities.”

Forever Foundations Store More BLACK BedDrawerThe next generation of the Forever Store More family, the new Store More BLACK foundation fuses strength and innovation. The powder-coated all-steel foundation was engineered for rugged use and lasting duration. The three-in-one construction provides foundation, frame and platform reinforcement in one sturdy design, while still allowing for easy-access storage under the bed.

“We’re re-inventing the mattress foundation with a strong, sleek and innovative foundation giving unprecedented mattress support,” Rodgers continued. “Without a doubt, the Store More BLACK is the premier foundation in the mattress industry.”

Forever Foundations Forever BedPowerAdditionally, the company is showcasing its newly updated accessories line-up. First is the improved Forever BedDrawer system, which includes steel mesh drawers that can be easily attached to the underside of the Store More METRO or BLACK models. With two AC outlets and two USB chargers with an eight-foot cord and a 90-degree plug, the improved Forever BedPower provides “power where you need it, when you need it.” Lastly, the bedlight 2X is the newest motion-activated, under-the-bed, ambient light accessory. Convenient and easy-to-operate, it features a smart-motion and light sensor detection system with a timer adjustment from 30 seconds to 10 minutes, as well as a dimmer to control the brightness of the light.



Forever Foundations bedlight 2x“The bedlight 2X works perfectly for the elderly, who frequently get up at night, or for a child’s bedroom,” noted Rodgers. “Simply step out of the bed and a warm glow of light will turn on to guide the sleeper gently and safely across the room. The soft illumination will then automatically turn off when no motion is detected.”

Forever Foundations is also unveiling two new Drop Ship Programs at market. Offering maximum reward and minimum business risk for both brick-and-mortar and e-commerce stores, these programs were designed help retailers expand their customer base by appealing to direct-ship consumers.