Forever Foundations Max-Plus Provides Plus-Size Support

forever foundationsWith the Max Plus Foundation, Forever Foundations offers a very important bedding solution to the growing segment of overweight consumers. With research showing that more than 30% of people worldwide have a Body Mass Index that places them in the overweight category, it is important for retailers to have support systems made especially for larger and taller people.

“We are not making this stuff up,” said Forever Foundations President Dennis Rodgers. “Approximately one third of all potential mattress/bedding customers coming into the store is a bigger, larger or plus-size person these days. Confidence has to start from the floor up, from the bed base or support structure all the way to the top or surface of the mattress.”

It is not just the mattress that matters in addressing the health, wellness and performance needs of these customers. Forever Foundations has done extensive research with RSAs and overweight customers to learn more about their experiences with frames, foundations and bedding that has failed them within a year or two.

“There really are two issues”, said Rodgers. “The first is the industry, in the past, simply has not provided heavy-duty support systems and foundations specifically designed to hold up, to last over the life of a normal mattress. These people have experienced repeated early failures over the years. It is imperative that products purposely built for the plus customer are available at the retail level.”

“The second issue is the mattress retailer is uncomfortable approaching this customer. They don’t know how to respectfully address the obvious needs this customer has.” Rodgers says that the larger or heavier customer is keenly aware of the weight and size issues in his or her life. Instead of the RSA ignoring this issue, we encourage them to take a positive approach, one, which would include training and products specifically designed for the plus-sized customer. “It is very important to politely ask questions and uncover needs with respect, with care and then to offer this customer a workable solution. The common thread here is to address the needs and the desires of all mattress customers, including the big and tall - they all want a good night’s sleep. And they all deserve it.”

In addition to the superior performance of its products, Forever Foundations offers retail consumers the stylish designs they’re seeking. “As we grow our company and diversify our line, we are also introducing new elements to our product mix including fashion designer covers,” Rodgers explained. The new Designer Fashion CAP is designed to cover the foundation/platform to give it a beautiful upholstered appearance. The Designer Fashion CAP will be available in two “Now” colors and fabrics specifically selected to work with today’s mattress fabrics, elevating Forever Foundations to a whole new level of style and support.