Forever Foundations Introduces Plus-Size Foundations

ForeverFoundationsForever Foundations will introduce the Foundation PLUS and the Foundation MAX-PLUS at the Winter Las Vegas Market.

The all-steel support frame systems are specifically engineered to create the superior strength and durability needed for the performance mattresses designed for the plus-size customer. “The plus-size mattress is a growing market segment in the mattress industry as is the plus-size market in fashion, furniture and other industries. In fact, according to the Journal of the American Medical Association, over 68% of Americans are overweight, and nearly 34% officially qualify as obese,” explained company president Dennis Rodgers. “Americans are just getting bigger, taller, and larger.”

The height and weight of the average American is much greater than it was 20- 25 years ago. This creates a consumer challenge faced by retail sales associates on a regular basis: helping the plus-size customer select and purchase the very best mattress and support system for their individual needs.

“We know of at least three of the top twenty mattress manufacturers who are specifically designing, manufacturing and marketing mattresses for plus-size ‘bigger, taller, larger’ consumers,” say Rodgers. “When we talk about ‘Confidence From the Foundation Up’, we mean that the entire sleep system has to work together. You must have matching and compatible components working together to give the plus-size customer the confidence that they have selected the right sleep set for the extra support they know they need. You simply cannot sell the perfect mattress designed to hold up to perform for plus-size consumer and place it on a support system that will ultimately fail. We feel providing more and better options to consumers who require extra support ultimately will benefit the mattress industry.”