Forever Foundations Introduces Full Line of Bed Foundation Accessories

Forever Foundations has expanded its product portfolio with a comprehensive line up of foundation accessories, offering consumers the chance to enhance their sleep environment with a wide range of total bed support, storage and modern lifestyle base options.

“We feel that we are re-inventing the mattress foundation and support concept by offering mattress retailers a value-packed foundation program no one else is offering. We are now featuring accessories for the foundation which allow the consumer to customize the foundation to their personal lifestyle and needs,” stated Dennis Rodgers, President of Forever Foundations.

Forever Foundations will be showing this broad array of additional foundation accessories and enhancements at the winter Las Vegas Market. By integrating all of the choices and optional features, the company “allows a retailer to package a total sleep system for the consumer,” explained Rodgers.

In addition to a new motion-activated, under-the-bed-illumination light system, the company is introducing a new snap-on power strip with USB ports, which will attach to any part of the Forever Foundations frame to offer additional flexibility to the consumer. The company will also feature a choice of 10-inch and 5-inch legs offering the opportunity to make the frame either higher or lower depending on the height of the mattress and the consumer’s wants.

Many of these new products and features were designed after extensive consumer feedback, product research and dialogue with retailers—including new storage and slip-on cover options. The new under the bed storage offers up to six heavily constructed drawers that can be attached to the Forever Foundation easily and quickly with no tools. After two years of product testing, the company is also unveiling a designer slip-on cover, providing a fashion-finish to its line-up of powerful steel frame and foundation systems.

Finally, Forever Foundations is also reaching out to a younger consumer audience with the introduction of an e-commerce oriented inventory purchase program. In addition to providing more flexibility in retail pricing, the simple drop-ship program allows both traditional and direct-to-consumer retailers to sell Forever Foundation products without tying up a lot of inventory stock—offering sturdy, all-in-one bedframe, foundation, platform bed and storage systems in one easy-to-ship, and easy-to-assemble package.

“Just as what has transpired over the past few years with pillows, encasements and the adjustable bases, we offer an opportunity for a larger retailer ticket and a more satisfied consumer,” Rodgers continued. “We know that ‘What’s Under the Bed’ can be as important as the mattress itself for comfort, support and performance. Having confidence in a total sleep system really does begin with the foundation, and now we are able to offer a full array of options and accessories to the foundation.”