Finely-Crafted Tranquility: From Leggett & Platt Adjustable Bed Group

An inventively designed adjustable bed base, married with a luxurious mattress does more than increase retailer profits. This multi-functional relaxation system can provide your customers a private place, not only to sleep, but also to work, day dream, read, relax or commune with a loved one in style and comfort.

That is the rationale behind several product lines Missouri-based Leggett & Platt’s Adjustable Bed Group has created. Gone are the days when adjustable bed manufacturers designed their products primarily for use by the elderly and the infirm. According to Group President Jay Thompson, this market has grown to attract customers, who are physically active and upwardly mobile and seek, not only comfort and convenience, but sophistication and beauty in their personal surroundings.

Thompson says that his group’s extensive consumer research indicates a growing demand for products that will transform the bedroom from serving simply as somewhere to sleep to “a place of retreat and tranquility. These consumers are highly likely to want their homes to reflect both their personalities and their lifestyle priorities,” he explains. “They tend overall to have higher disposable incomes and place a high value on home décor. And they’re willing to spend money on high-end, customizable products and view bedrooms as places where they want to unwind and relax. That’s the rationale behind our new tagline: ‘Finely crafted tranquility.’”

Thompson also points out that his group has produced a broad range of products that are designed to appeal to a variety of customers, taking into account everything from functionality to aesthetics and affordability. “There are, of course, other adjustable bed makers out there but we have the broadest line in terms of choices of colors, styles, sizes, accessories, comfort options and price points,” he explains. The company’s Designer Series, for example, combines adjustable comfort features with attractive add-ons, such as furniture-grade upholstery and matching headboards. Advanced comfort options range from the ability to operate models via remote control or through a phone app, to full body massage, technology that automatically accommodates the user’s favorite reclining positions and both massage- and sound-driven wake-up alarms. Several models with a more limited set of features are also available to serve customers on modest budgets.

In addition to the impressive array of features the company’s adjustable bases offers, Leggett & Platt also prides itself on the high level of service and support it provides to both retailers and their customers. “What sets our company apart from the competition is our emphasis on excelling in four key areas: product quality, speed, service and reputation,” Thompson explains.

The company assembles all of its products in Georgetown, Kentucky and its short supply chain ensures rapid production and the flexibility to manufacture and deliver items quickly in large and small quantities through a variety of distribution options. A broad assortment of models and delivery options helps to ensure retailers can accommodate a variety of consumer requests.

“And that’s what sets our company apart from others,” Thompson explains. “We’re the largest in this industry and have been doing it for longer than anyone else.” The company introduced its first bedding component more than 125 years ago. “As a result, retailers are confident about our quality and our commitment to stand behind our products. They know that the customers, who come to us with questions a year or more after they’ve purchased one of our beds, will be in good hands. That’s a compelling reason to deal with us.”

To keep both consumers and retailers fully informed about its products, Thompson’s group maintains a separate web site for each. provides current and potential customers with product descriptions and specifications and can direct them to nearby dealers. “This is important because, people haven’t grown up with this type of product. They really want to understand both what they’re buying and about the company that stands behind it.”

The companion site,, which is password protected, offers retailers exclusive access to pictures, owner’s manuals, sales training tips and point-of-purchase materials. Company representatives are also available to provide on-site sales training and advice on request. Thompson said that retailers benefit from this direct, on-site support because it improves their knowledge and ability to describe the adjustable base features to their customers. “Retailers who aren’t sure how to introduce these products might not even mention it until after they’ve sold a mattress, throwing it in as an option only at the very end, which isn’t effective for the sales representative and can confuse or frustrate the purchaser,” he explains. “It’s important to take the time to fully understand and familiarize customers with a type of product that they may not know at first they want or need.”

Thompson’s group will continue to conduct the research and development that has helped it to identify current and future consumers’ purchasing preferences and plans to announce several technological innovations in 2013, including a new electronics system and redesigned remote control devices.

“While we are always open to listening to and learning from consumers and retailers, we hope that we’re already doing a lot of things right,” he adds. “We are committed to providing all of the service and support needed to ensure that our products are well recognized, valued and enjoyed.”

Research & Development Findings: Key Characteristics of Target Consumers for Leggett & Platt’s Adjustable Beds

* Almost 90 percent (89%) of target consumers want to transform the master bedroom into a “tranquil retreat;” a place to relax and unwind and read or watch TV.

*A majority of target consumers (79%) like to relax and unwind from the day before sleeping.

*Of the target audience, 65 percent view their homes as a reflection of their personalities.

*Among respondents, 69 percent feel that a little luxury is important in their lives.

*More than 70 percent of the target consumers read and/or watch TV in bed.

*More than half of target consumers have Internet access in the bedroom.

*Slightly more than half (51%) of target consumers work from home at least part of the time.

*A majority of adjustable bed customers (95%) try a bed in-store before purchasing one.

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