Fashion Bed Group Showcases Advanced Pillow and Bed Frame Solutions

Fashion Bed Group will be showcasing a host of unique bedding accessories at the winter Las Vegas Market, including new performance pillows and bed frame and storage systems, providing retailers with quality, value-oriented sleep solutions.

Building on the success of its Aere Memory Foam Pillow, the company will debut two advanced pillow options made from the latest in foam technology. Ranging in retail price from $99 to $119, the Graphite Gel Bed Pillow and the Energex Foam Pillow are designed to deliver a more comfortable sleep experience.

“Inspired by our solutions-based approach to fulfilling consumers’ needs, we have developed two new pillows that not only address the major concerns of many sleepers but also provide our customers with the differentiated products they are seeking,” explained Ron Ainsworth, Senior Vice President Merchandising and Procurement for Fashion Bed Group.

A triple-threat of temperature-regulating technology, the Graphite Gel Bed Pillow combines three highly conductive materials: open-cell high air flow memory foam, therma-gel and super conductive graphite. The result is a 46% enhancement of regular open-cell memory foam and up to seven times better conductivity than conventional memory foam. The new Energex Foam Pillow creates a comfort solution for consumers who love the feel of latex but also want the support of traditional memory foam. Providing comfort with a bounce, this option offers the lively response of latex foam with the superior pressure-relieving comfort of memory foam. Specifically designed to energize and slightly soften with body heat, the pillow provides highly adaptive comfort, ease of movement and excellent pressure relief.

“These new products incorporate the foam features that sleepers love, but with breathable, responsive, and cool-to-the-touch surfaces for superior heat distribution and a better night’s sleep,” Ainsworth continued.

Inspired by the adage that it’s what’s underneath that counts, Fashion Bed Group is also expanding its bedding support portfolio with new offerings in two key categories. The new Atlas Support and Storage System is a distinctive platform design that delivers superior support without the need for a box spring, while the new Solutions universal bed frame provides consumers with an easy-to-assemble, versatile option for a lifetime of bedding support.

The new Atlas Support and Storage System delivers the peace of mind of a strong, solid foundation and ample storage space at just $160 retail pricing. The sturdy platform frame can support up to 1,200 lbs. and features metal support bars and cross cables that eliminate the need for a box spring. A generous 14 inches of clearance beneath the frame affords plentiful under bed storage space, while optional storage drawers are also available.

For consumers seeking a versatile, easy-to-assemble, hassle-free bed frame, Fashion Bed Group has the ideal “solution”. The aptly named Solutions bed frame offers all the support of a conventional frame, but in a lighter weight, foldable design—making it easier for retailers to ship, set up and store. Hinged side rails ensure the frame stays folded during transport. Weighing just 35 pounds, the universal design easily converts to support mattresses ranging in size from Twin to King—making it simple for consumers to maneuver, assemble and adjust without the need for tools. With a suggested retail price of $99, it’s an ideal frame for e-commerce retailers, while providing brick-and-mortar retailers with an inventory-friendly, cash-and-carry option.

“In addition to delivering thoughtful solutions that today’s consumers are seeking, these products are designed with quality and value in mind,” Ainsworth explained. “Both feature aggressive pricing while also meeting or beating the stringent warranty requirements from bedding manufacturers.”