Fashion Bed Group Heats Up Bedding With Cool New Accessories

Fashion Bed Group is heating things up with new bedding accessories featuring cooling memory foam technology. The retail supplier showcased a cooling memory foam pillow and a cooling mattress protector at the Las Vegas Market, both designed to deliver a better night’s rest by keeping sleepers comfortable throughout the night.

“Traditional memory foam bedding products have a natural tendency to trap heat, which can result in discomfort and disrupted sleep,” said Ron Ainsworth, Senior Vice President Merchandising and Procurement. “Our innovative cooling foam products provide the memory foam features that sleepers love, but with breathable, cool-to-the-touch surfaces for superior heat distribution and a better night’s sleep.”

The latest in tactile pillow technology, FBG’s new Aere Gel Memory Foam Pillow offers the comfort and support of a traditional memory foam pillow while adding a breathable layer of surface-infused cooling gel. This new offering provides a cool-to-the-touch surface without adding excessive weight. Durable and odor-free, the pillow features a high heat capacity to maintain airflow and rapidly remove excess body heat.

The new Aere Crystal Gel Mattress Protector is the ideal solution for consumers who tend to overheat in their sleep. The protector uses crystal, gel-infused fibers for a comfortable and breathable surface that’s cool to the touch. A three-dimensional textile surface design enhances airflow, while a breathable waterproof barrier protects the mattress against stains.

“The most important factor for any bedding product is its ability to enhance the sleeping environment and experience,” Ainsworth added. “We’re confident that these new cooling products will help to address a major concern for many sleepers while providing our customers with truly differentiated product offerings.”

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