Fabrictech’s PureCare™ Continues to Improve Retailer Profits

Fabritech International offers comprehensive protection with their highly successful PureCare™ by Fabrictech. PureCare™ brings together a complete collection of technologically advanced health, wellness and allergen protection products with PureCare Celliant® and PureCare Silver.

The unique brand, PureCare by Fabrictech, has played a key role improving profits for many of the company’s retail partners. According to company president, Jeff Bergman, major retailers such as Sit and Sleep, Relax the Back and America’s Mattress Stores, who feature the PureCare™ increase add-on sales, improve customer satisfaction with mattress and bedding purchases driving revenue and profits higher.

The PureCare™ by Fabrictech line offers a popular and easy to choose menu of options so retailers can customize the protection, health and wellness program to fit their customers’ needs.

Clinical testing of Celliant® Performance Fibers has proven that Celliant increases oxygen levels in the body. This oxygenation is widely recognized as effectively reducing minor aches and pains, providing quicker recovery and greater comfort. By reducing pain, increasing the rate of healing and allowing the customer to sleep better, the fibers give the sleeper an overall improved sense of health and wellness.

The PureCare Celliant and Omniguard work together to provide a comprehensive solution. The mattress and pillow protectors are certified to be allergen proof, dust mite proof, mold and mildew proof and offer 5-sided moisture and stain protection.

Fabrictech’s PureCare™ Antibacterial Silver protectors, featuring unique silver technology, are created with silver ions that locate and deactivate bacteria, creating bacteria, allergen, dust mite, fungi and odor free moisture proof protection.

“At Fabrictech our number one priority is the health and well-being of our customers. Our PureCare™ products serve as the cleanest of their kind, and now compliment that technology and innovation with PureCare™ Celliant—the first health and wellness protector that can actually help healing and recovery while being completely allergen and dust mite proof,” adds Bergman. “Now you can truly ‘Take Back Your Bedroom’ and rest knowing that your bedroom is the cleanest and healthiest place to be.”

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