Fabrictech International Takes Next Steps in Health, Wellness and Better Sleep

With the introduction of PureCare Aromatherapy, Fabrictech once again aims to change the conversation from bed protection by offering retailers the most advanced wellness protection products available for today’s health conscious consumers. The company’s continued innovations have pushed the forward-thinking group to the top of many retailers’ “must carry list”. Now the company, which prides itself on spotting opportunities to develop new products to foster retail-level success, has identified another opportunity.

Slated to debut at the Winter Las Vegas Market, Fabrictech’s new PureCare Aromatherapy protectors feature patent-pending pockets and a varied selection of scented sachets, allowing consumers to indulge in the therapeutic benefits of aromatherapy in the comfort of their own sleep environment. Along with the advantages of aromatherapy, the new line continues to focus on Fabrictech’s commitment to health and wellness. Each protector is allergen proof, dust mite proof, bacteria proof, moisture proof and bedbug proof in the total encasement and pillow protector models. These new protectors will also benefit from the addition of antibacterial silver ions, which inhibit bacterial/fungal growth on the protector and naturally reduce odors caused by bacteria. Each Aromatherapy mattress protector carries Fabrictech's Limited Lifetime Guarantee against stains.

Never content to stand still or conform to industry norms, Fabrictech is once again moving into a new product and marketing realm with this latest introduction. The company’s top executives have decades of retail experience and are confident that the new line will allow retailers to further increase their attachment rates to mattress sales.

“In addition to adding an exciting and unique product line, Fabrictech’s PureCare Aromatherapy Protectors will further aid retailers in developing long term conversations with consumers by encouraging them to revisit the store more often to purchase replacement sachets,” commented Jeff Bergman, President and COO of Fabrictech. “Currently, most purchasers return to the showroom every four to 10 years to replace a mattress. But the competitively-priced PureCare Aromatherapy sachets have a full-strength life expectancy of about 90 days and ideally should be replaced every three months. These repeat purchase opportunities not only considerably shorten the buying cycle for mattress retail customers, but they give retailers an opportunity to sell these customers new products and build a better relationship with them every time.”

The company will roll out the new PureCare Aromatherapy collection under the marketing theme of “Breathe. Relax. Sleep.™” which effectively sums up aromatherapy’s comforting and restorative effects.

“Each PureCare Aromatherapy package includes at least one sealed natural lavender sachet, which, once opened to release the fragrance, can be inserted into our mattress and pillow protectors,” explains Bergman. “We are offering customers a total of five scents to choose from, all of which are designed to revive and restore.”

In addition to the calming, relaxing and soothing influence of their all natural Lavender scent, Fabrictech will manufacture the follow scents: tangy, sweet Mandarin; the mood-lifting and sedating Sandalwood; Eucalyptus, which relieves congestion; and romantic, exotic Jasmine. To accommodate sleeping partners with different preferences, each queen-sized and king-sized mattress encasement features two separate scent pockets, compared to one each for twin and full sizes. Fabrictech also has an intriguing strategy for drawing customers’ attention to the new scents. The company has created elegant, freestanding in-store stations and table-top displays where customers can interact with the product and sample each scent before purchase.

“Our goal is to enhance our retailer’s visual merchandizing through incredible product presentation. The PureCare Aromatherapy line is designed to attract our female consumer base through elegant, sophisticated design before selling them with our unbeatable protection benefits,” explains Sean Bergman, Chief Marketing Officer for Fabrictech. From there, the Aromatherapy displays will invite her to take part in our powerful message of "Breathe, Relax, Sleep" while enhancing any retail environment - from the most simply formatted sleep shop to high-end department stores.”

“The PureCare Aromatherapy line is an excellent example of what sets Fabrictech apart from its competitors,” Bergman continues, “We’re not just manufacturing stand-alone products. We continue to serve our retailers by offering an entire sleep protection system and allowing consumers to choose between a variety of options to create the sleep environment that best suits their needs. With the Aromatherapy line, we’re going a step farther by offering therapeutic solutions in addition to our currently successful health and wellness protectors and pillows.”

Fabrictech continues to redefine the entire discussion from just mattress protection to health, wellness and comfort. As a result of their innovative product offerings and superior retail knowledge the company leads the sleep products industry with a full array of cutting edge health and wellness protection and sleep solutions providing comfort while preventing exposure to bedbugs, allergens and dust mites and inhibiting the growth of mold and mildew. “We changed the entire conversation from bed protection to people protection. Our total focus is on the health, well-being and relaxation of the consumer,” says Bergman. Fabrictech also introduced the first Limited Lifetime Stain Warranty, and the company manufactures the official mattress and pillow protectors of the National Sleep Foundation.

Fabrictech will introduce its new PureCare Aromatherapy line at the Las Vegas Market in their new showroom space C-1595. Suggested retail pricing for the new line is $159.99 for the Queen Total Encasement, $119.99 for the Queen 5-sided, $28.99 for the pillow and $6.00 for replacement sachets.

“2013 promises to be an exciting year, full of new products and other opportunities, many of which will target consumers who seek health and wellness products,” Bergman says. “We have a lot of surprises in store.”

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