Ergomotion Ushers In The Next Generation Of Adjustable Bases

Ergomotion has been powering adjustable bed bases for more than a decade. With a record of over a million bases sold in more than 30 countries worldwide, the company has had an integral role in bringing motion into the bedroom. But as the bedding industry continues to change, so too have the demands on furniture and bedding retailers—and Ergomotion has evolved to meet these new needs. From smart motion bases and sleep assistant technology to pillows and mattresses, Ergomotion is providing consumers with products that will help improve consumers’ health—and retailers with programs that will help grow their sales.

“Consumers love motion furniture, and Ergomotion recognized this trend and pioneered putting motion in the bedroom with stylish, luxurious adjustable beds,” explained Todd Stone, director of marketing. “Today, Ergomotion is bringing the next generation of technology and engineering-driven motion products to the bedroom.”

Ergomotion was founded in 2005 by Alain Clénet, a designer and manufacturer of limited-edition neoclassic automobiles with a long-established track record of creating luxury products that marry style and substance. Today, the company is led by CEO and President Jack Tang. Operating from Jiaxing City, China, Tang has helped lead Ergomotion’s global expansion—growing the brand’s footprint while maintaining the original tenets of innovation, quality, collaboration and exceptional customer service.

In addition to its own branded offerings, Ergomotion has supplied over 170 marquee brands with private labeled products including motion bedroom furniture, adjustable bed bases and complete sleep systems. With a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Santa Barbara, California, Ergomotion is able to provide its customers with 100% US-based customer support. Located on California’s “Tech Coast,” Ergomotion is situated amongst a hotbed of entrepreneurship. This tech-focused environment has influenced the company’s unique approach to sleep products.

Power bases have surged in popularity in recent years, with some estimates putting the growth rate of the segment at more than 200% between 2011 and 2015. With this staggering increase in demand, the market has seen an influx of new adjustable bases of varying degrees of functionality—with many knock-off products driving down both price and value. While Ergomotion remains committed to offering the highest in quality and performance, the company has recognized that it’s no longer enough for retailers to just offer an adjustable base. As such, Ergomotion has developed a host of new sleep technology solutions designed to help retailers stay ahead of their competition.

“At a high level, we’re thinking differently about the bedroom, the adjustable base and the industry,” Stone explained. “This leads to differentiators in quality, technology and innovation. We’re providing new product categories and easy-to-implement solutions that increase the size of retailers’ average tickets.”

Ergomotion 2

In 2017, Ergomotion introduced an entirely new product category to adjustable market: Motion Bedroom Furniture. Designed especially for furniture retailers, this program seamlessly transforms any bed into an adjustable bed. At the heart of this innovation is the Element. Barely the height of a business card, the Element is one of the slimmest adjustable bases on the market—fitting invisibly between any existing bed base and mattress. With zero clearance and wall saver functionality, the base offers a variety of customized comfort features while maintaining the look of any existing bedroom set. Additionally, it also solves any potential height discrepancies by offering interchangeable leg options. This unique combination of form and function has made the Motion Bedroom Furniture a success on the retail floor, delivering higher RSA close and attachment rates. Thanks to its unobtrusive set-up and design, retailers can easily integrate this technology into their showroom floors without changing or adding to their floor space–thereby maximizing potential profitability.

At the Winter Las Vegas Market, Ergomotion will once again introduce two brand new categories: Active Motion Bases and Sport Motion Bases. The Active Motion Base category features the company’s patent-pending Extension Deck technology. Designed for retailers looking to offer new cash-and-carry options, the Sport Motion Base is a lighter, easy-to-assemble adjustable base that allows customers to “buy it today, sleep on it tonight.” Additionally, Ergomotion will introduce voice-activation technology to its adjustable bases with new products that seamlessly integrate with Amazon’s Alexa smart device. Incorporated into the Motion Bedroom Furniture and Active Motion Base lines, this new technology makes it easy for the consumer to manage their sleep environment.

“Technology is impacting every aspect of our lives and sleep is no different,” said Gui Peres, Director of Global Sales. “We’ve developed technology that allows people to activate their adjustable bases with a few simple phrases. No remote that travels under the bed and becomes unreachable. No buttons to fumble with in the dark. Instead, our engineers have created voice activation to make base adjustments quick and easy; just as sleep should be.”

Ergomotion will be spotlighting all of these new products, along with its full portfolio of feature-filled adjustable bases, in its newly redesigned Las Vegas Market showroom. Putting technology front and center, the updated space will visually communicate the company’s ongoing commitment to its retail partners—and its forward-thinking approach to sleep solutions.

“The improvements we’ve made to our showroom really reflect the way we’re thinking differently and providing a path forward for retailers,” Stone explained. “The world is changing, the industry is changing, consumers are changing—even Baby Boomers are tech savvy. Our showroom reflects our leadership during this time of change. We hope it will show retailers that we’re continuing this history of leadership with innovative thinking, products and ideas that will help them thrive.”

This dedication to creative, solutions-oriented ingenuity is what continues to drive the company as it heads into the future. Building on its own core tenants, Ergomotion remains focused on developing new ways to help retailers grow and differentiate themselves from their competition.

“I think you’ll find Ergomotion in a position of global leadership and service as the industry changes,” Stone continued. “And that position will be out ahead of the curve.”