Ergo-Pedic Introduces Zenith Adjustable Base

Ergo-Pedic is delivering luxury sleep comfort with its all-new Zenith adjustable base. This innovative power base features the company’s newly patented Tilt technology, which provides the ultimate chaise lounge experience along with a host of key health benefits.

Reaching beyond the premier features of most bases, Ergo-Pedic’s Zenith tilts up to a 12-degree incline. This serves as the ideal angle for providing relief to the discomforts of acid reflux, heartburn, sleep apnea or hiatal hernias—without the restriction of sleeping in a seated position. The Zenith base makes it possible to tilt the bed while still keeping the sleeper lying flat, allowing them to change positions throughout the night.

For many consumers, the bedroom has evolved into an extension of the office and living room spaces as many work on laptops, read, enjoy a drink or watch TV. In addition to providing superior sleep comfort, the Zenith also supports consumers’ current lifestyles in an unprecedented way—providing valuable benefits beyond the support of a traditional head-up adjustable base. These support features include zero gravity positioning, separate head and foot adjustment and individual upper and lower body massage with variable intensity and speeds. Consumers can adjust the base using a remote that features backlit buttons, a built-in flashlight and handy one-touch flat command. Under bed lighting is also available with the Zenith, giving retailers the opportunity to increase their sales tickets with a key add-on feature. For greater convenience, the base was designed to fit easily within most bed frames and offers a variety of different leg heights.