Endel And SleepScore Labs Unite To Support Better Sleep

In order to improve how people sleep, Endel, a pioneer of AI-powered wellbeing and SleepScore Labs, a popular sleep science company are partnering. As part of this strategic collaboration, SleepScore Labs’ chief scientific officer Dr. Roy Raymann and his team of scientists are collaborating with Endel to maximize the effect of its functional soundscapes. Formerly Apple’s ‘Sleep Czar’ who helped develop sleep features on iOS devices, such as Night Shift and Bedtime, Dr. Raymann will guide Endel’s team in the field of sleep studies and will support the development of new soundscapes by applying both theoretical and empirical findings.

“Soundscapes can be an interesting non-pharmacological means to help people to achieve a sleep permissive state more easily during the night, but can also be used to wake up more gently and refreshed,” said Dr. Raymann, Chief Scientific Officer of SleepScore Labs. “Scientific literature has some clues on how sound and sleep interact, and the main goal is to use these findings to help people with their sleep and induce a more parasympathetic dominant state during the night. The key is to find an approach that works for many, without impacting sleep negatively.”

Endel’s sleep soundscape is personalized and adaptive in line with a user’s day-night rhythm and instant conditions like location, natural light exposure, movement and heart-rate. It utilizes top psychoacoustic knowledge and practices, which impact sleep quality and cover the whole spectrum of sleep-centered needs. Below are some key benefits of using Endel:

  • Helps the mind and body turn off wakefulness and tune into sleep naturally.
  • Promotes longer time in deep sleep — considered the most restorative sleep stage of all.
  • Eases waking up and gives the feeling of being recharged and energized.

Endel’s other soundscapes, Focus, Relax, and On-the-Go, support wellbeing throughout the daytime.

"Lack of sleep and poor sleep quality is a fundamental problem in our society. About a third of Americans are not getting enough sleep, which leads to major health and productivity issues,” said Oleg Stavitsky, CEO of Endel “Endel’s Sleep soundscape is the most popular feature of our product, praised by our users worldwide. By collaborating with SleepScore Labs and Dr. Raymann, we are looking to bring it to the next level and validate the effectiveness of our cross-platform personalized soundscapes.”

As an end-to-end sleep science company, SleepScore Labs is positioned as an industry leader offering an eco-system of offerings, including data insights, product evaluation tools and technology licensing opportunities for companies developing products and solutions in the sleep industry. The partnership boosts Endel’s AI with SleepScore Labs’ research and expertise to produce more efficient sleep sound technology on the market via Endel’s sleep soundscape available in all Endel’s apps (iOS, macOS, Android, Alexa Skill, Apple Watch) starting today.

In celebration, Dr. Raymann will also be leading a weekly series of science-backed recommendations for good sleep that has kicked off on Endel’s mobile apps and social profiles. The recommendations are based on a holistic approach to sleep health that includes diet, physical activity, walks, and mindfulness practices.

Visit sleepscore.com and endel.io 

About Endel: Endel is a wellbeing tech company at the intersection Of AI, sound, neuroscience, and art. Endel's technology creates personalized environments to reduce stress, improve sleep, and boost productivity — all backed by psychoacoustic studies and the science of circadian rhythms. The soundscapes and visualizations are adaptive in line with personal inputs like location, time zone, weather, and heart rate. The company runs an ecosystem of owned products for iOS, Android, macOS, Apple Watch, Amazon Alexa, with tvOS app coming this autumn. It is also designed for integrations into various hardware and platforms in mobility, hospitality, and workspaces. Amazon Alexa Fund, Avex Group, and Major Lazer's Jillionaire are among the investors in Endel.

About SleepScore Labs: Sleep Score Labs is the sleep company changing the world by improving sleep, based on science and leading-edge technology. SleepScore Labs was founded in 2016 by a team of sleep experts from companies, institutions and organizations such as ResMed™, Apple, Philips, and Harvard. Together, we enable leading companies and organizations to strengthen their health and wellness offerings, proven through better sleep. After studying millions of hours of sleep for over a decade, we created the world’s most comprehensive suite of services which help consumers improve their sleep and companies improve their offerings in the space. Initially a Joint Venture between ResMed, Dr. Mehmet Oz, and Pegasus Capital Advisors L.P, the company has grown to include other strategic partners and investors. Headquartered in Carlsbad, CA, with an office in Dublin, Ireland, we’ve developed SleepScore™ technology powered by ResMed to offer the world’s most accurate sleep app. SleepScore Labs’ ecosystem also provides data insights, product evaluation tools, and technology licensing opportunities for companies developing products and solutions in the sleep industry.

SleepScore does not provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment through its service or its available functions. The content and service provided are intended solely as a resource and informational tool to improve your sleep. Always seek the advice of a physician or qualified health provider for any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.