Dow Ensures Cleaner Sleep with New Washable Memory Foam Technology

Memory foam bedding is one of the fastest-growing products in consumer markets, especially pillows. Memory foam pillows cradle and support the head and neck, ensuring a better night’s sleep for many people. But unfortunately, most memory foam pillows are not easily washable because tiny, porous memory foam cells hold water long after a pillow is removed from the washing machine and hung to dry. Dow Polyurethanes in North America has developed a unique solution to this common problem with a new technology that enables a more washable memory foam pillow.

“Our new polyurethane technology allows a cleaner, cooler and more comfortable sleep enabled by a larger cell structure that, when washed in any non-agitator washing machine, can be washed and machine dried while keeping the superior foam mechanical properties,” said Alan Robinson, North America marketing manager for Dow Polyurethanes, North America. “This is truly a first for memory foam pillows.”

An added benefit of the viscoelastic polyurethane foam cell structure is additional airflow properties, which allows it to better regulate temperature.

“With the open cell structure we’re able to achieve with our innovative polyurethane chemistry, people can enjoy a ‘cooler’ pillow as the structure allows for better airflow,” added Robinson. “Research has proven that a cooler sleep environment reduces tossing and turning, which results in a healthier and more restful sleep.”

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