Dormeo Launches Three New Bed Base Options for its Retailers

Dormeo N.A is expanding its support offerings, introducing two adjustable bed base options and its first “UPS-able” foundation at the Summer Las Vegas Market. These new support systems offer unique solutions to a wide variety of consumers.

The Infinity and Infinity Deluxe adjustable bed bases are made in the USA in an exclusive partnership with Hickory Springs, and are specially designed to work with the company’s innovative Octapsring mattresses. The Infinity Deluxe Base features a head-up, foot-up and zero gravity position option, dual massage, a backlit wireless remote with four pre-set positions, LED under-bed lighting, and a wall- hugger design that allows the body’s position to stay in place even if the base is moving. The base can hold up to 700 pounds, more than enough for Dormeo’s luxury mattress construction. The Infinity Base features a one-touch, flat-position option, head- and foot-up capability and variable leg height options.

“Our mattresses already incorporate the latest technology the bedding industry has to offer, so it was only natural that we pair the technology within the mattress with the technology people expect to have from their entire sleep system,” said Dormeo N.A. Chief Executive Officer Jon Stowe. “We are excited to partner with Hickory Springs to offer our dealers the latest in adjustable bases as a way to increase sales tickets and to enhance the sleep experience for consumers.”

Dormeo will also debut its first “UPS-able” foundation at the Summer Las Vegas Market. This new base was designed to offer retailers top-of-the-line materials, yet a lighter and more durable construction. The new foundation can be assembled and reassembled easily from the showroom floor to the customer’s bedroom, offering retailers the benefits of potential cost-savings and secure, convenient and direct delivery.

The new foundation was designed based on feedback from Dormeo’s retailers, who were looking for an easier way to ship bases. Before the new foundation, the only option was a traditional model that required “white glove” delivery to set-up. The company developed a sturdy, lightweight, sleek design for stores that want to display a foundation for carry-away or “curbside” shipment.

“With this foundation we can give our retailers the opportunity to sell through multiple channels and provide consumers with a ‘worry-free’ option when it comes to buying a foundation, easing the stress of trying to figure out how to get the already assembled foundation in the door,” said Stowe. “The convenience of a shippable product will be a great selling point for our customers, allowing them to better close the deal at the end of the sale and can increase the sales ticket as well as an added bonus.”

The suggested retail price for the Infinity and Infinity Deluxe base starts at $1,199 in queen, while the new shippable foundation will start at $500.