Diamond Mattress Launches Adjustable Pillow

Providing the key benefits of easy customization, pressure relief and moisture-wicking, omnichannel sleep products manufacturer Diamond Mattress is launching its first adjustable pillow.

The new adjustable pillow will be shown and offered for rest tests at the Las Vegas Market in the Diamond showroom at World Market Center, B-950.

The Diamond Adjustable Pillow is constructed of shredded gel memory foam and fiber blend filling, encased by a zippered, moisture-wicking fabric shell, and includes a removable pillowcase. The pillow is fully customizable by removing the filling as desired, which can be stored in the reusable drawstring bag that comes with the pillow.

The gel memory foam filling was specifically chosen for heat dissipation and temperature regulating capabilities which can improve quality of sleep by addressing a top issue of interrupted sleep due to sleeping hot.

Additionally, the gel memory foam adapts to the contours of the head and neck for pressure relief and spinal alignment, both contributing to better sleep quality and overall wellness shown in sleep studies and research.

The blended, breathable fibers in the Diamond Adjustable Pillow add durability and enhance the pillow’s ability to recover to its original shape. The pillow cover has an elegant design with dual gray color scheme, diamond stitching and two-inch gusset all the way around. The MSRP for the queen size pillow is $129 and king size is $149.

This pillow program will be offered to all retailers nationwide who want a unique pillow program for their customers.

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About Diamond Mattress: Diamond Mattress is a leading omnichannel sleep wellness brand with a tradition of product and manufacturing innovation. The privately held, fourth-generation company is committed to superior service with a focus on custom solutions of high quality and value while promoting the importance of sleep and its impact on personal wellness.