Customized Comfort with Sleep Innovations’ Advanced Memory Foam

A leader in scientifically developed sleep solutions, Sleep Innovations is committed to creating one-of-a-kind bedding accessories. Pairing in-depth consumer research with proprietary technologies ensures that all of Sleep Innovations pillows and toppers provide a superior level of customized comfort. While traditional memory foam is known for its contouring support and comfort, Sleep Innovations has developed four different variations to address the consumers’ concerns with the popular heat-retaining material.

Using micro-encapsulation technology, Sleep Innovations infused gel beads directly into premium memory foam to create its Gel Memory Foam material. These gel beads offer greater breathability and comfort for every season by promoting better air circulation through the memory foam cells. Sleep Innovations reports that this technique provides 12 times the airflow than other leading memory foam while drawing heat away from the body for a cooler sleep temperature.

For those looking for longer-lasting cool comfort, Sleep Innovations introduced an enhanced gel memory foam material called CoolGelHD. By concentrating the gel into a solid layer close to the body, as opposed to gel beads, this technology provides a dramatically advanced level of cooling that lasts throughout the night. Sleep Innovations combines these two cooling solutions into one product with its two-sided gel-infused memory foam pillow. Providing proper head and neck support, the unique pillow design is reversible, offering the option of either the cool Gel Memory Foam or the extra-cool CoolGelHD.

The company’s latest technology is a “game changer,” according to Michael Loomis, Executive Vice President of Product and Business Development. Loomis reports that, “the exclusive Phase Change gel was created for consumers looking for a more temperate solution than the existing gel technology. This material is made from gel memory foam infused with temperature sensitive gel pearls, providing a truly personalized sleep experience by adapting to the body for the right level of coolness throughout the night.”

Retailers looking to offer advanced comfort, but not necessarily a gel story, should consider Sleep Innovations CoolVent Design provides greater airflow by utilizing ventilated channels within the memory foam, achieving enhanced breathability and cooling comfort without the addition of gel.

With a variety of cutting-edge memory foam innovations, Sleep Innovations pillows and toppers offer support and comfort sleep solutions backed by the security of extensive consumer research.