Customatic’s New Edge-to-Edge Lumbar Feature Offers Advanced Support

Customatic Adjustable Bedz_Edge-To-Edge Lumbar Feature_VIEW 2Customatic Adjustable Bedz is continuing its collaboration efforts with retailers, manufacturers and distributors by addressing the “tipping effect” in adjustable bed bases with lumbar-support designs. To combat this issue, the company is showcasing its new patent-pending Edge-to-Edge Lumbar feature, an industry-first innovation, at the Summer Las Vegas Market.

“The impetus in creating the Edge-to- Edge Lumbar feature came out of conversations we’ve had with buyers at big name sleep stores, manufacturers and distributors regarding the dreaded tipping effect that is so common to lumbar support-based adjustables,” said Customatic Adjustable Bedz Partner Phil Sherman. The tipping effect that occurs in lumbar support adjustables is caused by the centralized placement of the supports within the base and results in the sleeper “rolling” out of the position they were in, effectively negating the importance of the lumbar feature itself. Customatic’s Edge-to-Edge Lumbar feature is an all-over, edge-to-edge lumbar support that is designed to form to the natural shapes of the body and prevent the rolling effect from occurring.

“Our focus has always been on fostering collaboration with our business partners to create innovative product solutions that benefit their individual consumer bases,” Sherman continued. “The Edge-to-Edge Lumbar feature spans the width of the whole mattress, providing lumbar support across the entire sleep surface—we are confident this product will be a game changer.”